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Fighting Flakes This Winter (Part I)

Earlier this Summer, I wrote a well-received* article for Black Girl with Long Hair about scalp psoriasis and remedies. The information I wr...

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Scalp Challenges: Psoriasis

This was my most recent article for Black Girl Long Hair . Enjoy! Scalp challenges go far bey...

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Reader E-Mail: Dandruff, Dry Ends, and Thin Edges

Told ya'll, I'm catching up! Hope this helps someone out there :) Hello!! Hi my name is K, I found you online searching product ...

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All About Shampoo Bars: Gentle, Effective Cleansing for Natural Hair

Article also featured on Black Girl with Long Hair! As I explore more and more small business b...

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Regulating Scalp Issues From the Inside Out....

As you all (might) know, in addition to being a transitioner, blogger, awesome girlfriend (haha)...

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Review: Miche LUSH Deep Conditioner and POLISHED Hair & Scalp Oil

Comb: Eternally in Amber (because folks always ask!) Y'all, I'm hype right now - f...

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Sulfur for Hair Growth and Scalp Relief

Article also featured on Black Girl with Long Hair! What is Sulfur? Sulfur is a naturally occu...

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You're Kidding, Right? Odd, Awkward & Down Right Nasty Hair Growth Tips

My latest BGLH feature! I'm sure that at one time or another, you have googled "hair grow...

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Hey Naturals & Transitioners: Shampoo Isn't All Bad!

Over the course of the re-evolution of natural hair, shampoo by and large has gotten a bad reputation. It has been written off as harsh, ...

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Psoriasis Awareness Month: Living with Psoriasis and Curly Hair

August is National Psoriasis Awareness Month. I've teamed up with TriDerma Skincare to tell ...