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Fighting Flakes This Winter (Part I)

Earlier this Summer, I wrote a well-received* article for Black Girl with Long Hair about scalp psoriasis and remedies. The information I wr...

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Scalp Challenges: Psoriasis

This was my most recent article for Black Girl Long Hair . Enjoy! Scalp challenges go far beyond dandruff and excess oil. There are s...

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Reader E-Mail: Dandruff, Dry Ends, and Thin Edges

Told ya'll, I'm catching up! Hope this helps someone out there :) Hello!! Hi my name is K, I found you online searching product ...

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All About Shampoo Bars: Gentle, Effective Cleansing for Natural Hair

Article also featured on Black Girl with Long Hair! As I explore more and more small business brands, I began to notice a growing trend...

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Regulating Scalp Issues From the Inside Out....

As you all (might) know, in addition to being a transitioner, blogger, awesome girlfriend (haha), and wellness enthusiast, I am also a p...

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Review: Miche LUSH Deep Conditioner and POLISHED Hair & Scalp Oil

Comb: Eternally in Amber (because folks always ask!) Y'all, I'm hype right now - for a few different reasons. One, my ...

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Sulfur for Hair Growth and Scalp Relief

Article also featured on Black Girl with Long Hair! What is Sulfur? Sulfur is a naturally occurring mineral, and the third most abunda...

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You're Kidding, Right? Odd, Awkward & Down Right Nasty Hair Growth Tips

My latest BGLH feature! I'm sure that at one time or another, you have googled "hair growth tips" or something similar, in s...

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Co-Washing, Shampooing, and Clarifying - What's the Difference, and Are They Necessary? featuring Inahsi Naturals

The Inahsi Naturals lineup offers the perfect wash day solutions for every hair type, texture, and preference. I'll be the first ...