#30DaysofDope - 5:59 PM

#30DaysofDope Launching March 1st, 2017! Get Ready!

Let's get ready to be dope together! We're nearly 3 months in to 2017 - how them goals and resolutions looking? If you're ...

#30DaysofDope - 4:00 PM

Why You Need Collagen Supplements for Healthy Hair, Skin, and Body!

My Neocell Bounty Truth telling time: the second I turned 31, I started low-key freaking out about my skin. Not just about psoriasis and...

#30DaysofDope - 8:18 AM

New Cycle of #30DaysofDope Launching September 1st, 2016!

www.30daysofdope.com Hey peeps! I got some pretty darn good feedback from you all about #30DaysofDope - and most of it revolved aro...

#30DaysofDope - 5:35 PM

#30DaysofDope is DONE! Here's What I Learned.

Day 30/30! There's nothing more gratifying than starting something and seeing it through to completion. Especially for someone like ...

#30DaysofDope - 8:22 AM

#30DaysofDope Update: Here's What Happened Weeks 2 and 3!

Always give... Y'all. Today is officially the 23rd day of #30DaysofDope. Yes! 23 days down. 7 to go. And I couldn't be mor...

#30DaysofDope - 5:00 AM

#30DaysofDope Update: Here's What Happened Week 1!

I'm not gonna lie y'all, it's been exactly one week and I don't feel as dope as I thought I would. I thought I'd be r...

#30DaysofDope - 8:58 AM

#30DaysofDope : Challenging Myself to Be My Best Self

You ever feel like you were doing just ok? Like, things are good...not great, but good? Comfortable, because everything is alright - but ...