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5 Ways to Increase Moisture in Low Porosity Natural Hair

You see that frizz halo? Yep. Does your hair seem like it's always dry, difficult to moisturize, and always frizzy? Then you've...

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How to Slay Your Silk Press on Natural Hair Without Heat Damage

I feel like I channeled my inner ATL Silk Press Master for this one, lol. I've been mentally preparing for this for at least a month...

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5 Hacks to Break You Out of a Natural Hair Rut

Last week I took an L, but this week my curls bounced back! Have you ever had a few days, weeks, or months where you've just felt l...

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How to Use Eyeshadow as Temporary Hair Color (and Save Your Curls from Color Damage)

My Tenacious Teal Curls Circa 2015 Although I'm not the Halloween-y type, I do get a bit into the season between all things pumpkin...

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Get Stronger, Healthier Curls with Blackstrap Molasses

Along this #EveryDayFitness journey, one thing is for sure: I've accumulated a lot of random ingredients. From sugar swaps to flo...

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Spring Cleaning: 3 Signs You Need a Trim this Season

Spring's here! Spring's here! Not that you needed a reminder or anything. I used to be a Summer-or-bust kind of gal (thanks, ...

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3 Easy Ways to Maintain Vibrant Hair Color At Home took the color plunge, eh? Good for you! Getting hair color is fun, shocking, and can totally give you a new outlook on your sen...