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How to Slay Your Silk Press on Natural Hair Without Heat Damage

I feel like I channeled my inner ATL Silk Press Master for this one, lol. I've been mentally preparing for this for at least a month...

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5 Hacks to Break You Out of a Natural Hair Rut

Last week I took an L, but this week my curls bounced back! Have you ever had a few days, weeks, or months where you've just felt l...

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How to Use Eyeshadow as Temporary Hair Color (and Save Your Curls from Color Damage)

My Tenacious Teal Curls Circa 2015 Although I'm not the Halloween-y type, I do get a bit into the season between all things pumpkin...

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Get Stronger, Healthier Curls with Blackstrap Molasses

Along this #EveryDayFitness journey, one thing is for sure: I've accumulated a lot of random ingredients. From sugar swaps to flo...

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Spring Cleaning: 3 Signs You Need a Trim this Season

Spring's here! Spring's here! Not that you needed a reminder or anything. I used to be a Summer-or-bust kind of gal (thanks, ...

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3 Easy Ways to Maintain Vibrant Hair Color At Home took the color plunge, eh? Good for you! Getting hair color is fun, shocking, and can totally give you a new outlook on your sen...

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Mud Rinse Your Way to Better Curls in 3 Easy Steps

I wish I would have known that getting my curls to pop would be this easy... Every once in a blue moon, the urge to DIY (or is it DIM?...