Deva Cut - 7:24 PM

Hair Update: My Second Deva Cut + Color

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, then you know I went in on the 28th for a cut and some color! I meant to update you all on th...

guest blogger - 9:17 AM

I'm Today's Guest Blogger On!

My hair over the years....As you can see, I used to LOVE me some blonde! I've kept no secrets about my journey to natural hair. My ...

Black Girl with Long Hair - 9:52 AM

The DevaCut Experience: What to Expect

Article also available on Black Girl with Long Hair! The Backstory On December 5th, 2013, my life changed. Okay, so maybe I&...

my transition - 7:22 PM

5 Things I Thought Would Happen After I Chopped My Heat Damage

So....about this chop thing. I've been working on trying to get my Devachan Salon experience video together, but unfortunately, I...

big chop - 10:32 AM

I got a Deva Cut! Heat Damage Be GONE!

Me at the Devachan Salon in Culver City,, that's not Sergio :) Originally, I was supposed to just meet with Sergio to get a ...

building a regimen - 1:41 PM

Transition Update/Reflection: 19 Months [Pic Heavy]

As I used some of my allotted "social media time" (the BF and I are doing a social media mini-detox) to flip through Insta...

my transition - 6:30 AM

A Lil' Inspiration: My 1 Year Transition Update

Happy Monday everybody!!! Before March ran out, I wanted to make sure I did a lil' something to commemorate my 1-year mark in transit...

my transition - 7:00 AM

6-Month Transition Mark Check-In

Left: January 2012 -- Right: September 2012 Left: May 2012 -- Right: September 2012 I let August come and go without touching heat....

my transition - 7:00 AM

In The Meantime... Length Check!

Check in: January to May 2012 Of all the challenges of transitioning to natural hair, the most angst-ridden experience (for me) is the t...

my transition - 9:12 AM

3 Month Check-In: No Heat Challenge!

As you guys may or may not know, back in the beginning March I began the first leg of my No Heat Challenge. For the months of March, April, ...

my transition - 9:39 AM

Hair Reflections + A Little Inspiration For Transitioners

My past few co-washes and detangling sessions have given me some much-needed time to tune out and tune into my hair, as well as shifted my ...