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5 Ways to Increase Moisture in Low Porosity Natural Hair

You see that frizz halo? Yep. Does your hair seem like it's always dry, difficult to moisturize, and always frizzy? Then you've...

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How to Slay Your Silk Press on Natural Hair Without Heat Damage

I feel like I channeled my inner ATL Silk Press Master for this one, lol. I've been mentally preparing for this for at least a month...

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How To Get Perfectly Defined Curls WITHOUT Shingling or a Denman Brush

Are you ready for definition that's out of this world?! Have you ever looked at someone's hair pics on Instagram and thought, &...

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5 Ways to Stretch and Elongate Natural Hair

Summer is around the corner and you know what that means -- tresses flowing everywhere! When the temperatures warm up, naturalistas liv...

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4 Reasons to Love and #EmbraceTheShrinkage in Natural Hair

Shrinkage. Multiple textures. Eyebrows in severe need of a threading. I embrace it ALL. The natural hair community is ever-evolving.  ...

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An Open Letter Apology to Sulfates

There's a perfectly good reason to add shampoo to your regimen.  Dear Sulfates, Over the years, you've been given a bad rep. W...

Black n Curly Challenge - 4:10 PM

VLOG: Valentine's Date Night GRWM featuring Kurlee Belle

Does this make me look like a fancy YouTuber or what?! Happy Valentine's/Single's Awareness/Manufactured Hallmark Holiday Day, e...

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#GrowAndSlay Length Check Update: Month 3 Review of CURLS Blissful Lengths Liquid Hair Growth Vitamin

Yes, I really drank the shot of Blissful Lengths after this photo. It's month 3 y'all! I've officially knocked back 6 bo...