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How to Style Curly Hair from Winter to Spring with Curl Shoppe Butter'd Up Collection

4th day hair with Butter Styling Gel. Loving the shrinkage and frizz! LA is in an identity crisis right now. In the past few weeks, ...

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Jane Carter Solution NEW Curls to GO! Review (Part 2)

The review breakdown continues on these babies! Alright y'all - welcome back! If you missed part 1 and my breakdown of the Curl Dren...

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Jane Carter Solution NEW Curls to GO! Review (Part 1)

I found some new favorites in Curls to GO! Hey y'all! So...I've been sitting on a gold mine. About a month or so ago, you sa...

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What Does a Doctor Have to Say About Natural Hair Products? An Interview with Dr. Susan Walker, ND of Earthtones Naturals

Earthtones Naturals Products It's a new season for natural hair. Long gone are the days where trips to Target, Wal-Mart, and CVS w...

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Video: Inahsi Naturals Curated Collection Unboxing & Review!

Day 3 Styling Results AFTER using Inahsi Moisture Collection products I have something really dope to share with you. If you kept u...

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Christina's Choice 2016: Best Moisturizers for Natural Hair

These moisturizers are the perfect antidote to dry, dull hair! Whether you're an LOC natural, LCO gal, nightly moisturizer, or twist...