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Co-Washing, Shampooing, and Clarifying - What's the Difference, and Are They Necessary? featuring Inahsi Naturals

The Inahsi Naturals lineup offers the perfect wash day solutions for every hair type, texture, and preference. I'll be the first ...

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Transition Your Hair Regimen to Fall in 6 Steps with Naturelle Pro Luxe Majestic Oil

The Luxe Majestic Oil line! I didn't wanna believe it for myself, but we are on the periphery of Fall 16. The sun is setting ear...

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Can The Mane Choice REALLY Cut Your Wash Day In Half?

If you're no stranger 'round these parts, then you know these four things are the pillars upon which The Mane Objective Stands: ...

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Tip Tuesday: Don't Sleep on Hask for Natural Hair!

Can I be honest with you guys? Like, embarrassingly honest? I feel like you already agreed not to judge me, so let's go forward....

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Review: Be Kekoa Be Moist Hydrating Conditioner

I'm gonna let you guys in on a little secret: I'm in love with Be Kekoa. No like seriously, there's a legit product love af...