#EveryDayFitness - 5:00 AM

#EveryDayFitness Recap: September and October Progress & Update

I'm going to start off this post with a question: Do you ever get on your own nerves? That pretty much sums up September for me. ...

#EveryDayFitness - 11:18 AM

#EveryDayFitness Recap: August Progress and Results

Hi lovelies! Thank you so much for embarking on this #EveryDayFitness journey and sending me encouraging e-mails, DMs, leaving comment...

#EveryDayFitness - 12:00 AM

#EveryDayFitness Week 2 Update

 I can't believe it's been two weeks already! So much good is happening, and I can't wait to share! Working Out I'ts j...

#EveryDayFitness - 11:16 AM

#EveryDayFitness Week 1 Update

As I write this post, I'm sitting and trying to stretch at the same time because umm...I'm sore. #EveryDayFitness got really rea...

#EveryDayFitness - 10:58 AM

Getting My Life: The #EveryDayFitness Challenge

I can't believe that it's actually August 1st. As in, we're about a month away from the final quarter of 2015. This year has ...

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The Mane Objective 10K | 1M Giveaway Coming THIS WEEKEND!!!!

Back in December 2014, I hit two mega milestones. First, I hit ONE MILLION page views here on the blog. Two, I reached 10K followers ...

healthy living - 11:09 AM

5 Lifestyle Changes for Healthier Hair in 2015

The new year is rapidly approaching, so you know what that means -- gym membership spikes, more crowded lots at Trader Joe's and Who...

Lent 2014 - 12:59 PM

Update: My 40 Day Challenge [13 Days Later]

Sometimes, you need to see yourself side-by-side to get it. I've been debating on how frequently to update you all on my journey. ...

Lent 2014 - 12:35 PM

My 40 Day Challenge

I started writing this article last Wednesday (Ash Wednesday, for Catholics/Christians out there), and stopped. When it comes to posts...

total wellness - 12:16 PM

Reflection: Healthy Eating Habits Overhaul Week 2

[cue Marvin Sapp] Neva woulda maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaade it. Never could have made it Without youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Ya'll...

total wellness - 11:16 PM

Reflection: Healthy Eating Habits Overhaul Week 1

Last Sunday, I drank my last cup of coffee....and boy, was it delicious. I won't post the picture here (to avoid tempting myself), b...

total wellness - 10:11 PM

July 2013: 5-Week Healthy Eating Habits Overhaul

I'm not above admitting when I've screwed up. And guess what ya'll? I've screwed up big time. I totally bombed my clean ...

total wellness - 10:10 AM

12 Weeks Later... My BHIP Fitness Reflection

A true testament to my gangsta... At 5:50 (terribly late) this morning I dragged myself out of bed, nervous and dreading the last day of...