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This Braid & Curl with Eden BodyWorks Citrus Fusion is All You Need for #Summer17

Issa gamechanger. Y'all. Y'ALL. I don't mean to cause any alarm here, but I just want to put you guys up on notice ...

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Hairstyle Hack: The No-Fail Flexi Rod Set for Natural Hair

In the building and I'm feeling myself. Y'all. Y'all. Y'ALL. Have you ever felt like the heavens opened up ...

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5 Natural Hair Styles to Sleigh the Holiday Season with Camille Rose Naturals

Merry Christmas to you and yours! As I type this, I'm still in a slight state of shock - 2016 is almost a wrap. With only 8 more da...

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Super Easy Style: Braid & Curl with Obia Naturals Twist Whip Butter

I'm not going to make this a long and drawn out post, but there's three things you should know about this tutorial featuring prod...

hairstyles and tutorials - 1:10 PM

EASY Updo for Natural Hair (Zero Skill Required) -- Great for Transitioners, Too!

I asked a while back on Instagram if you guys were interested in my easy updo tutorial, and the answer was YES! So here it is, in all it&...

Black Girl with Long Hair - 8:45 AM

Postpone Wash Day: 5 Ways to Wear Your Old Wash & Go

Not me getting my hurr' did....but I wish it was! Article also available on Black Girl with Long Hair! What do you do when your w...

hairstyles and tutorials - 11:14 AM

Easy Satin Strip Braidout for Transitioning and Natural Hair [2014 Updated Version]

Why not try it this weekend?   The satin strip braidout has been my rock over the past few years. As an early transitioner, I used th...

hairstyles and tutorials - 1:36 PM

Tutorial: Big Messy Bun for Transitioning and Natural Hair

Back when I was transitioning, you couldn't tell me nothin' about my Big All-Day Bun . It was my go-to transitioning style becaus...

hairstyles and tutorials - 11:59 PM

Update: The Secret to Long Lasting & Defined Wash and Go's [[RESULTS]]

It's Saturday night, and I'm sitting at home writing this post. At this point in my life, I spend my Saturday nights talking wi...

hairstyles and tutorials - 4:59 PM

Video: The Secret to Long Lasting and Defined Wash & Go's

Wash and go's have been a staple style for me, since the last leg of my transition. I often get questions about what products I use,...

Black Girl with Long Hair - 10:55 AM

6 Super Cute and Ridiculously Easy Holiday Hairstyles

Photo cred: Angelique Noire Wow, can you believe it's almost Thanksgiving already ? The end of 2013 is coming at a lightning pace, ...

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My Adventures with Mini Twists!

Mini twists: Day 3! In general, I loathe protective styling. I hate the idea of having to tuck my hair away into some generally unflatt...

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Change the Color of Your Hair Temporarily without Dye or Damage!

Article also featured on Black Girl with Long Hair ! Now that we're in the second half of October, the Halloween parties and events...