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5 Ways to Stretch and Elongate Natural Hair

Summer is around the corner and you know what that means -- tresses flowing everywhere! When the temperatures warm up, naturalistas liv...

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An Open Letter Apology to Sulfates

There's a perfectly good reason to add shampoo to your regimen.  Dear Sulfates, Over the years, you've been given a bad rep. W...

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5 Hacks to Break You Out of a Natural Hair Rut

Last week I took an L, but this week my curls bounced back! Have you ever had a few days, weeks, or months where you've just felt l...

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Does Olaplex Work on Natural Hair?

The Olaplex Trio ...Is the question I had been incessantly Googling for weeks. In case you've been under a product-free rock for t...

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It's 2016. Let's Not... (aka 6 Bad Natural Hair Habits to Ditch in 2016)

2016 is well under way, and I don't think I ever did this on the blog -- but Happy New Year, everyone! Now that it's almost the ...

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Make Your Wash Day Easier in 4 Simple Steps

The further you delve into your natural hair journey, the easier things should be. I'm a FIRM believer in not hustling backwards. So ...

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Why Shea Butter & Silicones are NOT Off Limits for Natural Hair

Eva NYC Hungry Hair Oil Treatment  Can I vent a lil' bit? A few weeks ago (I know, I'm super late with it), I came across an...

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Revert Your Curls After Flat Ironing in 3 Easy Steps

:::knocks gently::: Are y'all still there? Or did you abandon me because I haven't posted in like a week? Hopefully, you guys ...

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3 Vanity Habits Stalling Your Healthy Natural Hair Journey

DISCLAIMER: Before you guys get all angry with me and want to burn me at the stakes, let me say this: all opinions expressed within t...

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Update: My Ridiculously Easy Nighttime Routine

Hey guys, so this post has been a wee bit overdue -- but it's finally here! The reason there's been such a delay is because I&#...

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Spring Cleaning: 3 Signs You Need a Trim this Season

Spring's here! Spring's here! Not that you needed a reminder or anything. I used to be a Summer-or-bust kind of gal (thanks, ...