The Mane Objective: #30DaysofDope Launching March 1st, 2017! Get Ready!
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#30DaysofDope Launching March 1st, 2017! Get Ready!

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#30DaysofDope Launching March 1st, 2017! Get Ready!
Let's get ready to be dope together!
We're nearly 3 months in to 2017 - how them goals and resolutions looking?

If you're like, "ummmm...I'm just warming up this year, 2018 is gonna be lit!" - hold on for a second. There's still so much time left in this year to really make some things happen.

So that's what we're gonna do.
I'm OFFICIALLY launching #30DaysofDope on Wednesday, March 1st 2017That's right. March is about to be off the CHAIN! We're about to push the boundaries of personal excellence. Committing to being the best version of ourselves for 30 days.

Here are the three areas we'll be focusing on starting March 1st:
  • Mind
  • Body
  • Spirit
This time around, I'm streamlining things. The more concise the goal, the clearer the path to achieving it becomes. So we're keeping it simple, and keeping it dope.

#30DaysofDope Launching March 1st, 2017! Get Ready!
Lifting heavy is more of a mental exercise than physical. 
Click here to learn all about what you'll need to join #30DaysofDope  this March + download the official prep list.

I hope you'll join me - that'll be crazy dope!

(P.S. Don't forget to follow @30daysofdope on Instagram and head to to join the e-mail list.)

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  1. I'm in but the first is also the beginning of Lent and my annual sabbatical from social media. Hopefully there will be weekly updates via email ☺

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