Spring Forward Challenge Week 1: Gentle Hair Handling

Welcome to the official Spring Forward Hair Growth Challenge! As you know, over the course of the first 6 weeks of the challenge, I will be covering an array of topics and tips that will aid in maximizing growth and length retention. Check out this week's tips and advice about Gentle Hair Handling. And if you haven't done so already -- subscribe to my YouTube Channel!

Sidebar: Please forgive the extreme jankiness that exudes from this video. I didn't have time to edit it and make it all fancy and whatnot. I plan on joining a support group for betterness doing ASAP. Nonetheless, enjoy! Comment! Subscribe! Feel free to share your gentle hair handling tips and techniques here or on the YouTube Channel!
 Stay tuned, we've got lots to cover!
Week 2: Oils, Deep Conditioning & Moisture Retention
Week 3: Nutrition & Supplements
Week 4: Protective & Low-Manipulation Styling
Week 5: Healthy Hair via Healthy Body (Working Out)


  1. Great info! And the video wasn't that bad girl lol I'm impressed you talked for over 17 minutes straight with no break. That's awesome!

  2. Thanks! LOL I was like...NEVER.AGAIN. Definitely have to edit!