The Mane Objective
Black Owned - 5:21 PM

I Actually Used the SAME Hair Products for Three Months. Here's What Happened.

You'll see the results soon enough... Back in April, I checked myself into product junkie rehab after a much-needed butt whoopin'...

color damage - 6:24 PM

Natural Hair 101: How to Fix Damaged Curls

Get ready to bounce back from your biggest hair fails. Dealing with damage or hair that doesn't quite behave like it used to? Then y...

featured - 7:00 PM

Natural Hair 101: How to Style, Perfect, and Preserve Your Wash & Go

Just in time for summer.... Hey Curlfriends! We're holding steady and making some progress into this regimen-based Natural Hair 101...

deep conditioning - 11:36 AM

Natural Hair 101: Everything You Need to Know About Deep Conditioning

If it ain't here, it ain't facts. Brands and influencers alike promote tons of information about deep conditioning, but not al...

featured - 3:00 PM

Natural Hair 101: Building a Regimen for Healthy Hair Growth That Works

Let's cut the fluff and get down to the basics of wash day. Welcome back, naturalistas! This week, we're going to do a lot of ...