ReBlog: Everything You Need to Know About Deep Conditioning

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So, I've been super behind on rolling things out for Spring Forward and Wellness Wednesday. As I'm sitting here waiting on this roller set to dry, I figured now would be a better time than any to play catch-up. Here's everything you need to know about deep conditioning (from a scientific perspective), courtesy of Jc of The Natural Haven.

Original article can be found here.

Deep Conditioning: Everything You Need To Know

This is everything you need to know from the last deep conditioning series

1. Adsorption

Most ingredients in hair conditioner attach to the surface of hair - aDsorb - more details here
-surfactants eg behentrimonium chloride/methosulfate
-emollients e.g cetyl alcohol
-some oils e.g mineral oil, sunflower oil, dimethicone, aminosilicones e.g bisaminopropyldimethicone, amodimethicone

2. Penetration into Hair

Some ingredients in hair conditioner can penetrate into natural hair:
-hydrolysed wheat protein
-coconut oil
-cetrimonium bromide

Hair that is damaged or bleached allows more into hair- more details here

3.  Do you need deep conditioning? Is your natural hair considered as damaged?

You should consider your hair as damaged (even if it is not bleached or colour treated) if it has a high potential to be damaged . For example, it breaks easily, requires very gentle handling, has mid shaft splits or split ends regularly.

4. Deep condition on dry hair, wet hair, before or after shampoo?

Some people like to use a water based deep conditioner before shampooing while others prefer using the shampoo first before deep conditioning. Scientifically, a water based conditioner will work better after a shampoo and rinse. More details here

5. Deep conditioning time and temperature

For maximum effect, 20-30 minutes at 35°C is ideal for a water based conditioner. More details here

6. How to heat up your conditioner before using it.

The Natural Haven water bath method - More details here

7. Over conditioned hair: Do you like leaving conditioner on for hours at a time/ overnight?

Some naturals like the feeling of over conditioned hair - More details here
Now that you've got the scientific breakdown, are there any changes to your deep conditioning regimen that you'll be making?