The Best Moisturizers for Transitioning to Natural Hair

In the curly/kinky hair community, there are two streams of thought - big chop and transitioning. Those who just want to do away with their damaged, relaxed, or heat damaged hair opt for the big chop and learn to care for their natural hair as it grows. Transitioners on the other hand, coddle along two textures of hair (natural and damaged), to retain length, or have their natural hair grow out to a length they feel comfortable with before cutting the rest. I am a long term transitioner - I've been transitioning from heat damage for 20 months (almost 21 - woo hoo!) because honestly, I've never had short hair and I think my head is too big to rock a TWA (teeny weeny afro). In the nearly 2 years that I've been transitioning, I've gone through tons of products; some failures, and some successes. In spite of all the products I've tried, loved, and hated, one thing remained constant - the need to moisturize effectively.

Effective moisturizing for transitioners can be tricky - because sometimes the natural texture is more thirsty than the relaxed or straightened ends. If your moisturizer is too heavy, your natural growth feels lovely, but the ends begin looking like wet noodles. On the other hand if your moisturizer is too light, your ends feel perfectly nourished while the natural hair looks parched. And at the same time, all transitioners are worried about preventing breakage at the line of demarcation between newly grown hair and old damaged or relaxed ends.

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