Wash & Go FLY for the Month of July!!!!!

I've been dying to do a "theme month" lately -- and then it hit me! July is right around the corner, and the 4th is quickly approaching -- pool parties, BBQs, and beach days are on the menu! What bettter way to celebrate summer fun and natural hair than an entire month dedicated to my favorite hair style?

That's right -- the month of July is dedicated to my  #1, holy grail, hold me down, no skill required style: the wash and go! 

There will be tips, tricks, tutorials, style inspiration, and did I mention GIVEAWAYS?!?!?! Yep! Each week, you can count on a giveaway. Because I love ya'll, here's a sneak peek: Camille Rose Naturals is sponsoring the first one!

So stay tuned, and get ready to rock that wash and go! Be sure to connect with me here and on social media to get a leg up on the giveaways and information:

I'm excited ya'll! If you have any wash and go specific questions you'd like answered this month, drop them in the comments below <3 <3 <3


  1. Hi Melissa! I've done conditioner only wash and go's, but with Eva NYC Soften Up Conditioner. I think One Condition would work -- just be prepared for big hair!