My #ForeverYoung Regimen for Clear, Glowing & Healthy Skin


I've been MAJORLY slacking on this whole August is skincare month thing.

I mean sure, I'm busy doing bloggy things and writing for BGLH and Naturally Curly -- but the real reason why it took me so long to even delve into skincare is because I realized I had no real regimen set in place. Believe it or not, the same girl who dedicates an extravagant amount of time to hair health slacks on skincare. :::hangs head in shame:::

So at the top of this month, I decided to change that. And about three weeks in, I am noticing some AMAZING changes I didn't think were possible, nor that I thought I'd even need. I've never been big on makeup (moment of honesty: I've had the same bottle of drugstore foundation for like 6 years), but I did dabble in bronzer to create an awesome sunkissed glow, and mascara. Since adopting a focused skincare regimen, I've ditched the bronzer because I don't need it. My skin just....glows. My Friday date night primping consists of.....mascara. If I feel like being bothered.

Clearer skin has afforded me the ability to become even more comfortable in my own skin and take this "natural" thing to a whole 'nother level. I haven't put on a pair of earrings in nearly two weeks, and I don't feel naked like I used to without my studs in my ears.

My skin is not without its problem areas, though. Don't think this is some over-the-moon makeover that has turned my life around (although, it kinda is lol). I still have psoriasis -- it just isn't as inflamed. I still get breakouts, but they're small in comparison to the all out hell that used to break loose on my cheeks and forehead. And if I'm honest, they're more a reflection of dietary slip-ups (sugar, fried food, alcohol) than anything. The only real area that still gets on my nerves is my chin, and right along my jawline. I have little breakouts that flared up when I accidentally took too much biotin (lol). But I've got something to fix that, that's worked before (more on that later).

Anywho, let's get started on what I'm using, why I'm using it, and what I love about it:

Morning Routine


Cleanser: Organic Verdana Relaxing Creme Cleanser for Sensitive Skin
One thing  I've come to appreciate the most about Organic Verdana is that they don't play games with their products. There are no fillers, no crap, and the most difficult things to pronounce are the Latin names for natural oils and extracts (like Schisandra or Hippophae Rahmnoides). The Relaxing Creme Cleanser is based in organic aloe vera juice and organic sunflower seed oil. It also contains a number of organic extracts like sea buckthorn, schisandra, and rhatany that provide anti-aging, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and UV protection. I consider myself to have sensitive skin due to my psoriasis, so artificial colors, fragrances, and drying chemicals are a huge no-no. Thankfully, Organic Verdana doesn't play those games, which makes this the perfect morning face wash. It is effective without being harsh, and doesn't leave my face feeling dried out or irritated. $24 at Note: I was sent this product by Organic Verdana, but I was under NO obligation to include it in this blog post whatsoever. This is a classic case of "I'm still gonna buy it when the freebie runs out".

Toner/Astringent: None

Moisturizer: Organic Verdana Anti-Wrinkle Face Lotion followed by Organic Verdana Moroccan Beauty Oil
I live in LA where the air is polluted and dry. Therefore, two layers of protection are a must. To keep my skin hydrated, I apply a thin layer of Organic Verdana Anti-Wrinkle Face Lotion, followed by the Moroccan Beauty Oil. The Face Lotion is also based in organic aloe vera and sunflower seed oil, as well as myrtle extract. Myrtle extract is especially awesome because it acts as an astringent/blemish fighter, while soothing irritated/inflamed skin, and fighting wrinkles. Talk about a miracle ingredient! I lock in that hydration with the Beauty Oil, which in this review you'll see is organic argan oil, organic sweet orange essential oil, and organic niaouli essential oil. It locks in the hydration from the lotion, moisturizes, and fights free-radicals and aging while still allowing skin to breathe. Face Lotion, $26 and Beauty Oil $24. Both available at
Note: I was sent these product by Organic Verdana, but I was under NO obligation to include it in this blog post whatsoever. This is a classic case of "I'm still gonna buy it when the freebie runs out".

Post-Gym Routine


Yes to Blueberries Age Refresh Cleansing Facial Wipes
After sweating it out in the gym, I don't get the chance to full-on wash my face until I get home hours later at night. So to suck up the toxins and dirt I sweat out while simultaneously hydrating and moisturizing my skin, I reach for my Yes to Blueberries wipes. I actually reviewed them here. I purchase mine regularly from Target for around $6, and make it a point to find the bonus packs because there's no way I'm paying $6 for 25 towlettes. #imjustsayin

Night Routine


Cleanser: Neutrogena Naturals Acne Cream Cleanser
This is my cleanser of choice for two reasons -- one, to really get up the grime of the day and from the gym that my sweat session might've left behind. Two, because it contains salicylic acid which is great for my psoriasis (salicylic acid fights breakouts and exfoliates psoriasis plaques). Of all the facial washes that contain salicylic acid, this is the most natural -- for a drugstore brand at least. It's rich and creamy, and I love the cool tingly feeling on my face afterward. $9 at Walgreens, Ulta, and other major retailers.

Toner/Astringent: Humphrey's Witch Hazel Astringent (or Thayer's)
Witch hazel is not only a natural astringent, it is a wrinkle, acne, puffy eyes, and enlarged pore fighting miracle. After washing in the evening, I soak a cotton ball in witch hazel and go over my skin in circular motions, and then allow the witch hazel to dry on my face. My skin isn't particularly sensitive to the witch hazel with or without alcohol (I've tried them both), so I'll bounce back and forth between Humphrey's (with alcohol) and Thayer's (without alcohol) based upon what's on the shelf at Sprouts, GNC, or Vitamin Shoppe.

Moisturizer: Organic Verdana Anti-Wrinkle Face Creme
After cleansing and toning, I apply my overnight moisturizer -- the Anti-Wrinkle Face Creme. In addition to the one-two organic aloe vera juice and organic sunflower seed oil punch that is a reoccuring base throughout the Organic Verdana facial care line, it contains alfalfa extract (hello, anti-aging) and aspen bark extract, which is a natural source of salicylic acid (acne fighting and exfoliation). I make sure to apply this evenly on my face and neck, and carefully under and around my eyes. $24 at
Note: I was sent this product by Organic Verdana, but I was under NO obligation to include it in this blog post whatsoever. This is a classic case of "I'm still gonna buy it when the freebie runs out".



Apple Cider Vinegar
Remember when I said I had somethin' for those trifilin' bumps along my jawline? Apple Cider Vinegar (Braggs with Mother, of course) is it! No, I'm not putting it on my face, spraying it on my face, or rinsing my face with it. I drink it. Somehow, some way I started drinking ACV more than I put it on my hair. The end result is that my stubborn jawline breakouts are slowly fading away and giving me clearer skin. I mix (eyeballing at this point, because I've been doing it for months) about 2 tablespoons of ACV in 4oz of water and chug. Call me a weirdo, but it tastes like pickle juice. Seriously. I mean...pickle juice is made with vinegar..... If you choose to start taking your ACV orally, I recommend starting out with a more diluted solution (2 tablespoons in 8-10oz of water) until you can tolerate a stronger mix. If you've taken a hair, nail, and skin vitamin (or even a mega-dose of biotin) and it broke you out, I highly recommend giving ACV a try. Catch it for around $5 at your local health food store.

Once-Weekly (Usually Fridays)


Store Bought or DIY Masque
Since every Friday is date night, I want to make sure I look my best. So after following either my morning or night cleansing routine, I incorporate either a store-bought or DIY masque. As far as DIY is concerned, I'll opt for my turmeric masque (tutorial here), or a blend of tumeric and bentonite clay with water or apple cider vinegar. As far as store bought masques go, I used to ride hard for Queen Helene, but I've found that for the same price (and in many cases a little cheaper), Freeman makes some amazing masques with kick-butt ingredients. My two favorites are the Charcoal & Black Sugar Facial Polishing Mask, and the Pineapple Enzyme Mask. The Charcoal & Black Sugar Mask exfoliates and draws out toxins (hello, LA pollution) while the Pineapple Enzyme Mask exfoliates, brightens skin, evens complexion, and fights acne. They're around $4 each, although I grabbed them both during Ulta's buy one, get one half-off sale. By the way, if you like that peely-face sensation of a peel-off masque (I find it to be awkwardly gratifying lol), Freeman's Pomegranate Revealing Peel-Off Mask is the way to go. It feels soooooooo good coming off.

Twice a Week (Usually Wednesdays and Sundays)


Steam with Q-Redew
Twice a week, before cleansing I like to really open up my pores and loosen sebum and buildup on my skin before washing. Back in the day I used to hold my face over a sink full of hot water, or place a microwave warmed towel over my face for as long as I could stand it. Both are two totally viable option if you don't have a Q-Redew, but I just find that the handheld steamer is perfect for this (with the obvious precaution of avoiding your eyes...that's just bad for business). I typically steam my face for about 45 seconds to 1 minute, moving the Q-Redew around my face in a circular motion and down my nose. I generally steam Wednesday nights, and Sunday mornings. More on the Q-Redew here in my review. Visit for info on purchasing!

This may seem like a bit much to some folks, but I've never been one for simple. I mean, have you SEEN my product stash? I'm just sayin. But for me, it works -- exceptionally well. See for yourself: #nomakeup #nofilter #noflash #justnaturalsunlight #theseproductswork #illstopwiththehashtagsnow



I'm just tryna be like Pharrell, minus the hat.

What beauty goodies do you use for your #foreveryoung facial routine?


  1. I love Neutrogena Naturals acne cream cleanser for my cleaner in the morning and night. I only wash twice a day and I only switch up products when I want to try something different. I try only to use more natural store products because extra harmful ingredients have caused migraines. I love Aveeno Naturals moisturizer (any one will do) and I just started using Olay Firming Night Cream. Howver, Im going to change that because my face feels tight once its completely dry and Im assuming that's supposed tp be the firming. I want to go back to Aveeno's night cream but it isnt ready available in my neighborhood. Sometimes I use tea tree oil in my moisturizer. I have terrible forehead acne and I am doing my best to fight the "power" lol

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