5 Reasons to Rock a Fitness Tracker

5 Reasons You Need a Fitness Tracker
Wearable tech can help you reach your fitness goals in 2018 and beyond.
Note: This blog post has been updated for clarity, accuracy, and current information.

At this point in the game, I'm no stranger to fitness trackers. I've had a Polar FT4 (my intro piece into the fitness tracker game), and the Polar A300, which I rocked for well over 2 years (pictured below). I've since retired the A300 (it's still fully functional by the way) and moved on to the A370. I'll break down the full functionality of the A370 in a future review, but for now, just know it's everything I ever wanted in a fitness tracker and more.

Polar A300 Fitness Tracker Watch
My trusty A300 held me down for over 2 years.
I'm not here to sell you anything, and you best believe that A370 was a Christmas gift from Samuel paid for in cold, hard cash.

Let's dive into why I think fitness trackers are an awesome and essential part of any healthy living journey:

I'll be honest, working out every day is tough. There are days where I feel super motivated, and there are others where I'd rather eat a cupcake, watch Netflix, and take a nap. My Polar A370 keeps me motivated through those less than stellar days by showing me in real-time how close I am to meeting my daily fitness goal. Because I work in an office and spend a lot of time sitting, I love getting a little buzz on my wrist when I've been sedentary for too long. And there's nothing like syncing my watch with the Polar Flow app every night and seeing how close I've come to (or how I've totally smashed) my fitness goal for the day.

5 Reasons to Rock a Fitness Tracker
Each day, my time starts out fully white. As my activity increases, the time display fills turquoise.
Precise Monitoring. 
I'm sure you've seen several articles about how wildly inaccurate calorie counts are on machines at the gym. And to be honest, the calorie estimations in MyFitnessPal aren't much better. Having a fitness tracker like the A300 or A370 (or any fitness tracker with a heart rate monitor) is the most accurate way to track your calorie burn. It's already been shown that when left to our own judgment, we grossly overestimate how much energy we expend (calories we burn), and totally underestimate the calories we take in. Take it from me -- that's the best way to stall out on a fitness journey. Having a fitness tracker with heart rate monitor solves half the problem :)

5 Reasons to Rock a Fitness Tracker
My A370 holds 20+ workout-specific profiles for accurate tracking. 
One of the awesome things about having a fitness tracker is seeing in real time how hard you're working (or not working). When I'm working out, my A370 (the A300 did it too) shows my target heart rate zone for activity. When I fall out of the zone, seeing it on the display of my watch is a nice kick in the pants to get my booty moving.

Inspires Smarter Decision Making.
I'm new to the 24 hour fitness tracker life, but there's one thing I've noticed since I began wearing the A300 and now when I wear the A370: I'm more inclined to make smarter decisions throughout the day. Seeing my activity percentage inspires me to walk upstairs at work, or out to my car just to get some movement in. Seeing the tracker on my wrist inspires me to totally avoid or tread super lightly on the bad snacks at work and drink more water. Simply put, it's a visual reminder that I'm on a total wellness journey.

5 Reasons to Rock a Fitness Tracker
Peep that daily activity!

Let's Face It...They're Cute!
Polar especially does an awesome job at making wearable tech look super cute. With fun colors and visually appealing display designs, having a fitness tracker that enhances your personal style is an added bonus. I especially like that I can swap out the band on the A300 to match my outfit. Right now I only have pink, but I'm definitely looking into getting yellow and white. But let's just keep it real, shall we? Who doesn't want to wear cute stuff?

Are you convinced yet that you need a fitness tracker of your own? Let's chat in the comments below!


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