Growing Long Hair and Getting Healthy: 60 Days Later with Camille Rose Naturals Super Foods Vitamins

Growing Long Hair and Getting Healthy: 60 Days Later with Camille Rose Naturals Super Foods Vitamins
This month is all about putting' in WERK!
 First things first - this post is a few weeks late y'all. Some of you guys have been wondering about my growth progress with the Camille Rose Naturals SuperFoods Vitamin - and I'm here to spill all the tea 2 months in!

Back in January, I embarked on a 90 Day #BestSelf Challenge in collaboration with Camille Rose Naturals. Here's a refresher on what I'm setting out to do:

The 90 Day Super Foods #BestSelf Challenge
Starting on, January 15th, 2018 I committed to taking the Camille Rose Naturals #BestSelf Challenge with the new Super Foods vitamin.

For 3 months (90 days), I committed to being my #BestSelf by:
  • Taking the Camille Rose Naturals Super Food vitamin daily 
  • Eating healthier (chilling on the carbs, eating more green veggies) 
  • Drinking more water 
  • Working out (and trying new things) 
  • Taking the BEST care of my hair from roots to ends 
So let's check in!

Daily Vitamin Intake
You guys already know how days 1-30 went - and if you missed it, click here to catch up.

Now that I know the dosage is TWO vitamins per day, I had no problem staying on track during month 2. Some people make a big deal about taking vitamins, I don't fully get the hype. Drink some water, knock 'em back, and get on with your day lol.

Because I've experienced the full dosage for a month, I can 100% for sure say I've seen a boost in hair and nail growth. My hair is looking healthier, feeling fuller, and flourishing all around.

More on that later.

Growing Long Hair and Getting Healthy: 60 Days Later with Camille Rose Naturals Super Foods Vitamins
Truly making SuperFoods a part of my healthy lifestyle overhaul.
Eating Healthier, Drinking Water + Working Out
Somewhere between February and March, something clicked. I started REALLY focusing on my workout program. Being more intentional about tracking my macros. Drinking water. Moisturizing my situation.

Craziest of all? I'VE GOTTEN USED TO WAKING UP AND HITTING THE GYM AT 4AM. I repeat, Tuesday thru Friday, I'm at the gym BEFORE 4:30AM. It takes commitment. Dedication. Sacrifice. Getting my butt in bed by or before 9pm on the regular. I'm consistently proving to myself that all you need is time and motivation to turn the impossible into a habit.

We already know that exercise complements hair vitamins in terms of growth, but you know what? This is the first time in a looooooong time that I'm really feeling like I'm living a healthy lifestyle. Not just occasionally posting that I go to the gym, or cooking a healthy meal. But literally making this my LIFESTYLE. Meal prepping every Monday (and sometimes Sunday). Adhering to my #ShortcuttoShred plan.

That's not to say I don't enjoy the occasional order of samurai and chipotle honey wings from Hooters with a side of fried pickles. But it's not an every weekend overindulgence situation. I'm working hard at this 80/20 nutrition thing, and I'm finally getting a handle on it. And for the first time in a while, I feel like I'm not caught in the cycle of using exercise to "offset" or account for me eating terribly (which by the way, does not work at all).

It's much too soon for me to share extra dramatic results, but I will say this - I do believe the SuperFoods Vitamin has inspired me to get my ish in gear.

Here's a little sneaky peaky from January to March. Like I said, nothing dramatic. But lifestyle changes are about being in it for the long haul. Long-term consistency beats short-term intensity.

Growing Long Hair and Getting Healthy: 60 Days Later with Camille Rose Naturals Super Foods Vitamins
No crazy diets. No gimmicks. Just better understanding macros, working hard, and trying to maintain a caloric deficit.
If you want to keep up with the day-to-day of my fitness and healthy living journey, follow @30daysofdope on Instagram.

Now let's get into more 411 about these vitamins!

Growing Long Hair and Getting Healthy: 60 Days Later with Camille Rose Naturals Super Foods Vitamins
  • They WORK! Check out the first vs third picture! #growth
  • AMAZING ingredients. Click here for my breakdown on that.
  • Easy to take. They're not super huge, more like standard vitamin size.
  • They don't keep me up at night, if I happen to take them before bed (which is pretty often).
  • Reasonable dosage (2 vitamins) daily.
  • No weird aftertaste or vitamin burps
  • Doesn't cause upset stomach or nausea
  • No skin breakouts or reactions
  • Nail growth (I just keep cutting mine because long nails get in the way when lifting weights)
  • It looks, smells, and tastes like a vitamin. This one isn't a con for me, because I'm basically a vitamin junkie and I've smelled and tasted much, much, much worse. But if you're one of those people who has to pinch their nose, or never learned how to swallow a pill, then you might want to skip out on this one. But if you're serious about getting good stuff inside of your body, then Super Foods is for you, for sure. 
Benefits I've Experienced So Far
  • Hair growth
  • Improved skin (bye,  psoriasis!)
  • Increased hair fullness
  • Nail growth and strengthening 
  • Fuller eyebrows (I've been able to grow out and change my eyebrows shape EVERY month while taking these vitamins. Like, crazy!)
If you're not already, make sure to follow me on Instagram @maneobjective and @30daysofdope! I'll be sharing my #BestSelf updates and Super Foods progress on both accounts!

Y'all ready to get growing and get glowing? I know I am!

This post is sponsored by Camille Rose Naturals.


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