Christina's Choice 2018: The BEST Products for Natural Hair

Christina's Choice 2018 The BEST Products for Natural Hair

If this is your first time around these parts for Christina's Choice, welcome! I'm glad to have you. My triple OG's already know the deal - but I'm happy to share a few things about how Christina's Choice came to be, and why it's so important for me to do.

Christina’s Choice is my end of the year round-up of the best of THEEEE BEST products that I’ve tried for natural hair during the corresponding calendar year. Holy Grail status, if you will. You can peep my 2014 thru 2017 picks below:

Christina's Choice 2015
Christina's Choice 2016
Christina's Choice 2017

Christina’s Choice isn’t sponsored, and the accolades given can in NO way be bought – companies can’t even send me products for consideration. AIN'T NO OPEN SEASON 'round here! And even if I review products (and really like them) – there’s still no guarantee that they’ll make the cut. 

Just because a product isn’t featured, doesn’t mean it isn’t good or that I didn’t really like it. In fact, there’s going to be some instances where a product I really, really enjoyed didn’t make the cut. Showing you 13 dope deep conditioners undermines the value of the Holy Grail status and gets you no closer to deciding where to spend your hard earned coin.

Back in 2015, I introduced the "Deserted Island Pick". In each category, I asked myself - "If I had to be stuck on a deserted island with just ONE product mentioned here, what would it be?" And from there, the winner winner chicken dinner was born.

One last thing - this post does contain Amazon Affiliate links where applicable. If you purchase natural hair products on Amazon and they're linked here, I greatly appreciate any and all clicks and purchases to support The Mane Objective. You can also shop my store here (it's currently under construction).

Aiight, y'all ready? Leggo!

Best Shampoos and Co-Washes for Natural Hair
2018 The BEST Shampoos and Co-Washes for Natural Hair

Be Kekoa Be (Bae) Clean 
We've been doing this song and dance about Be Clean (Bae Clean) since 2015. No new words are needed. In case this is your first time hearing about Be Clean, please do yourself a favor and read my review. NOTHING has changed. Hands down, Be Kekoa has the BEST co-wash on the market. PeriodT. (review) (purchase)

Ion Crystal Clarifying Treatment
Hands down the Color Solutions Crystal Clarifying Treatment is my new staple for removing hard water buildup. It comes in a tiny, unassuming packet - but when mixed with warm water, it turns into an ultra-slippery gel that detangles, clarifies, and works miracles. (review) (purchase)

Koils By Nature Refreshing Anti-Dandruff Hair & Scalp Cleanser
If you love all-natural ingredients, the Refreshing Anti-Dandruff Hair & Scalp Cleanser is THE weekly cleanser your regimen needs. It's sulfate free, and doesn't even contain those not-as-harsh-sulfate-alternatives that tend to be in other shampoos. It's packed with botanicals and oils like calendula, nettle, olive oil, hemp seed oil, jojoba, tea tree, and peppermint to cleanse, nourish, ease dry scalp, and remove product buildup without stripping.(review) (purchase)

EDEN BodyWorks Peppermint & Tea Tree Shampoo
If you're a regular in the gym (or planning to be in 2019), you might need to pick up the EDEN BodyWorks Peppermint & Tea Tree Shampoo. This slip having, minty cool tingling, sudsy cleanser works to gently remove buildup while restoring moisture, strength and elasticity. It’s PERFECT for naturalistas living an active lifestyle that want to keep their hair flourishing. (more info) (purchase)

Deserted Island Pick
Ion Crystal Clarifying Treatment for Natural Hair

This one was really tough. I love each one of the cleansers above for different reasons. But when I thought long and hard about the cleanser that's had the most positive impact on my strands this year, I had to give it to the Ion Crystal Clarifying Treatment - and here's why.

Hard water and product buildup is real. I didn't know how real it was until my strands started acting a whole fool and I had to call in some backup. I had never done a true clarifying treatment until the Ion Crystal Clarifying Treatment, and now they're a mainstay in my regimen. The treatment is affordable, easy to use, and delivers stellar results upon rinsing. Read my review experience for more.

Best Deep Conditioners for Natural Hair
2018 Best Deep Conditioners for Natural Hair

ApHogee Keratin 2-Minute Reconstructor
When it comes to pH and protein/moisture needs, I always look to ApHogee. I feel like they never steer me wrong. Year after year, the ApHogee Keratin 2-Minute Reconstructor has rescued my abused strands and brought them back from the brink. With this stuff in the mix, damage doesn't stand a chance. (review) (purchase)

Soultanicals 'Fro Despair 
I told you back in this review that 'Fro Despair is is literally peak deep conditioning. Seriously, 'Fro Despair is life giving. It's literally like a green juice shot for your hair and scalp. It's rich, creamy, packed full of stellar ingredients, and has ridiculous amounts of slip. Every time I use it, I feel like I'm feeding my hair and scalp. (review) (purchase)

Curls & Potions Bamboo & Rice Water Strengthening Hair Rinse
Forget mixing oils into your deep conditioner, that wave is over. Bamboo & Rice Water Strengthening Hair Rinse is where it's at. And baaaaaaaaby let me tell YOU something! It makes my hair so soft, shiny, strong, and really helps my curls pop. (more info) (purchase)

tgin Miracle RepaiRx Deep Hydrating Hair Mask
This NKOTB replaced its close cousin Honey Miracle Hair Mask by a tiiiiiny margin. I'm talking about thisssssclose. The Miracle RepaiRx Deep Hydrating Hair Mask is loaded with black honey, olive, and jojoba oils - providing a decadently moisturizing punch while making the hair feel super smooth and shiny. And the slip? Off the chain. My curls can't get enough. (review) (purchase)

Deserted Island Pick
Curls & Potions Bamboo & Rice Water Strengthening Hair Rinse

Curls & Potions literally changed the game for me on wash day. Like, I'm in 2038 with it.  I've also found that my scalp feels less dry after using the rinse. Trust me - if you've got length goals for 2019, you need the Bamboo & Rice Water Strengthening Hair Rinse in ya life, post haste. Forget the DIYs and low-key unsanitary IG video tutorials. Let the professionals do what they do, and let Curls & Potions whip this miracle in a bottle up for you!

Best Leave-In Conditioners and Moisturizers for Natural Hair
2018 Best Leave-In Conditioners and Moisturizers for Natural Hair

EcoStyler Cannabis Sativa Oil CBD Leave-In Conditioner
It's thick. It's creamy. It has decent slip and applies smoothly. It plays well with gel, with no drama.  It's everything I expect from a leave-in conditioner, and then some. A little bit goes a long way to provide instant hydration, softness, and frizz management. (review) (purchase)

EDEN Peppermint Tea Tree Hair Milk
This one caught me off guard. I didn't expect to fall as hard as I did for the Peppermint Tea Tree Hair Milk. Although not very thick, it's ultra hydrating and soaks right into my strands. It keeps my curls from tangling, and plays beautifully with tons of stylers. Added bonus - it smells phenomenal and delivers a cooling tingle upon application. Super clutch for sweltering summer months. (more info) (purchase)

tgin Green Tea Super Moist Leave-In Conditioner
The Green Tea Super Moist Leave-In Conditioner has easily been the most dependable, reliable, consistent, super-performing leave-in. I can't tell you how many bottles I've purchased this year alone. It's one leave-in that I continue to reach for over, and over, and over again. (more info) (purchase)

Miche Beauty Lavish Leave-In Conditioner
I promise, you're going to hear more about my love for Miche Beauty in 2019. But let me start by saying that Miche's Lavish is a clooooose contender for best leave-in. It's practically up there with the tgin. It's rich, creamy, hydrating, frizz-fighting, and smells spectacular. It has tons of slip and amazing ingredients. If you love a good leave-in like I do, you're going to love Lavish. (purchase)

Deserted Island Pick
tgin Green Tea Super Moist Leave-In Conditioner

You guys know I love me some tgin. When tgin dropped the Green Tea Super Moist Leave-In Conditioner in 2016, I was hooked instantly. Packed with green tea extract, aloe, cocoa butter, argan, and sweet almond oils, this ultra creamy and moisturizing (yet light) leave-in showed my curls some major love. It plays nicely with virtually every curl definer in my stash - including my beloved Curl Bomb. I can't count how many bottles of Green Tea Super Moist Leave-In Conditioner I've gone through in 2018 alone.

Best Curl Definers for Natural Hair
2018 Best Curl Definers for Natural Hair

Thisssssss is always theeeeeee most difficult, yet straightforward category for me each year. There are a lot of cool, good, and even great curl definers out there - and brands seem to create more and more every year. But when it comes to curl definers, I'm very particular about who gets that HG designation. My holy grail curl definers are typically thick, heavy, gel-gels that form a legit gel cast and have my curls poppin' for days on end.

EcoStyler Cannabis Sativa Oil CBD Gel
I honestly think this might be Eco Styler's best gel to date. I don't know what the good folks at Ecoco Inc. did or smoked when they developed this formula, but they DID THAT. It's thick and whips my frizz into shape, but also expands beautifully into juicy curls. It dries with virtually no cast, while leaving definition in tact. Did you hear me? DRIES WITH ALMOST NO CRUNCH. Shine. Softness. Definition. Volume. (review) (purchase)

tgin Curl Bomb Styling Gel
Curl Bomb is part of an elite squad known as Gels I Never Wanna Run Out Of. I literally spent 2017 and 2018 making sure that I had at least one full bottle on my shelf at all time. At minimum. And here's why. First of all, I LOVE the consistency. It's a thick gel's gel.  It gives me beautiful definition, long-lasting wear (I can easily get 5 days out of this gel), and isn't flaky or drying. And simply put, Curl Bomb is one gel I continued to use over, and over, and over, and over.... (review) (purchase)

Soultanicals Sprung! Coil Boosting Gelly
My favorite Soultanicals Gel, hands down. Sprung Coil Boosting Gelly contains a follicle-fortifying blend of nettle, saw palmetto, and horsetail, along with wheat germ and jojoba oils for moisture and elasticity. My hair LOVES this stuff. Frizz, gone. Curl clumpage, lit. Ayo put her foot in this one, for sure. Sprung was also featured in one of my most watched YouTube videos to date. (more info) (purchase)

Deserted Island Pick
As I looked back over 2018, there was one bottle that I purchased again, again, again, and again. In fact, I'm currently down to 1 bottle and beginning to hyperventilate. I need to re-up to a comfortable 3 bottles ASAP.

Have you guessed it yet? This year's Deserted Island Pick winner is none other than.....
CURL BOMB! Yes, two years in a row! 🎉

tgin Curl Bomb Moisturizing Styling Gel

I don't have many words for why I love Curl Bomb, but I've got pictures. Here, here, here, here, and here. Curl Bomb consistently delivers, hold, definition, shine, and works beautifully with the tgin Green Tea Super Moist Leave-In. Hands down, one of my favorite wash and go combinations EVER.

Need to know more about Curl Bomb? Read my review here. 

Best NEW Products for Natural Hair
2018 Best New Products for Natural Hair

Camille Rose Naturals Super Foods Vitamins
If you're making a commitment to total wellness, and want a supplement that's going to help bolster your hair and nail growth while steering you in a healthy direction overall - Super Foods is for you. No breakouts. No jitters. No crashes. No weird reactions. No upset stomach. Most majorly - they WORK! My eyebrows flourished. My hair grew like crazy. And when I found them on clearance at Target a few months ago, I bought all 5 bottles they had. (review) (purchase)

Pop! Curl Color Gel
Pop! Curl Color Gel is quite honestly GORGEOUS. Super pigmented, brilliantly colored, and delightfully fragranced (without being overbearing). I love the care and thought that went into ingredient selection, as well as the fact that it can be used as a standalone curl definer or after-styling enhancer. If you want to experiment with bright colors and no commitment, Pop! Curl Color is for you. If you want the thrill of rainbow, unicorn, and mermaid hair without the damage, Pop! Curl Color is for you. (review) (purchase)

Be Lola Handcrafted Hydrating Masque
Packed with pH-balancing aloe vera, hydrating honey, and exclusively sourced kukui nut oil, Be Lola restores lost moisture, protects against damage, and brings hair back into balance. Be Lola is also incredibly special in the fact that Brandie's (Be Kekoa CEO) mom Lola was very hands-on in the creation of this product - from creation and ingredient selection, to fragrance, and labeling. The Be Lola Handcrafted Hydrating Masque embodies the bond between mother and daughter, while simultaneously healing and uplifting through tumultuous times. A portion of proceeds from each sale goes to support Lola's fight against cancer. (more info) (purchase)

Deserted Island Pick
This was a tough pick, to be honest. Three very unique products, three very unique purposes. After almost saying all three are winners, I sat back and really thought it through. And after reeeeeeally mulling it over, I had to hand it to Pop! Curl Color.

Pop! Curl Color Gel

Simply put, there's NOTHING on the market like it. Not that hairpaintdryyourhairout wax. Not the mofugangbang stuff. (And I absolutely mean ALL the shade here). No spray, no clay, no nothing. It is unique, masterfully made, and stands alone. The ingredients are stellar, the formulation is perfect, and there's absolutely nothing I'd change about Pop! Curl Color. Not one thing. Pop! Curl Color is the true embodiment of made for us, by us.

Alright y'all, that's the 2018 wrap-up! Were there any shockers on the list? Any products you thought you'd see but didn't make the cut? Let me know in the comments below! What were some of your favorite products in 2018?


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