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Hey there! I'm Christina Patrice - creator and owner of The Mane Objective#30DaysofDope, and Christina Patrice Creative. I'm a 32 year old native Angeleno (yes, we do still exist!) - born in raise in Los Angeles. I love my city, hate the traffic, adore the beach, and abhor the air quality - but our weather can't be beat. By day, I'm a copywriter and CRM specialist for a boutique digital marketing agency. By night, I'm a bloggger, photographer, gym rat, culinary enthusiast, and sneakerhead.

I've been fascinated with hair for longer than blogging has been a thing - spending my Saturday mornings at the beauty shop with my sister. She typically slept or read a book while the stylists worked on our hair - I was the busybody asking questions about methods, products, and tools. Yep - I sure did sit in the chair and read the bottles and jars. In college, I learned how to do my own hair - broke student style. I experimented with colors (hello red, purple, and green on accident), and even chopped it all off and went blonde my senior year.

About Christina Patrice The Mane Objective
A small snippet of my natural hair journey.
Somewhere between the first iteration of The Mane Objective (then, it was Kinky Crown) and late 2011, life got in the way of my love for hair, and as a result - my own mane suffered. Between taking shortcuts and flat ironing like crazy, my hair became incredibly thin and brittle. It was the wake-up call I needed to return to what I loved - all things hair. I started the process of re-learning my hair with the new wealth of information about natural hair available online. From that point The Mane Objective was born - a hub for all things transitioning and natural hair.

Along my journey to healthy hair, I learned more and more about the connection between healthy hair and a healthy body. Although I've tried many, many times to jump on the "fitness bandwagon", it wasn't until very recently that I found my groove and genuinely fell in love with cultivating a healthy lifestyle.

About Christina Patrice The Mane Objective
My home away from home. Besides Sally's and Trader Joes.
Once I became addicted to heavy lifting, everything else fell into place. I now consider my journey in healthy living to be tri-fold - connecting mind, body, and spirit on a mission to becoming my best self.

Join me as I share my love of natural hair, fitness, cooking, and sneakers!