The Mane Objective
#30DaysofDope - 9:10 AM

You'll Never Fly If You're Too Comfortable.

Gut check. This morning at 4:30am as I was on the treadmill at my gym, I started reading a new devotional called Right People, Right Pla...

Black Owned - 9:55 PM

How to Bring Dry, Neglected Natural Hair Back to Life with Juicy Essence

It's about to get juicy... A lot has changed with my personal life since 2017 came to a close. I'll share some details in a futu...

#30DaysofDope - 9:43 AM

Growing Long Natural Hair & Getting Healthy: Camille Rose Naturals Super Food Vitamins

The holidays are over. Time for me to be my #BestSelf! It's 2018, and I've decided to walk in my truth: I'm obsessed with ...

Black Owned - 6:16 PM

EASY Bun Hawk Protective Style featuring Mello Hair

Easy and edges friendly! After what felt like half the state being on fire, Southern California finally got some much needed rain. Gre...

Black Owned - 2:27 PM

Christina's Choice 2017: Best NEW Products for Natural Hair

2017 introduced a lot of game changers! Back in 2016, I launched this category in lieu of   Best Treatments for Damaged Hair . If you s...

Christina's Choice 2017 - 1:22 PM

Christina's Choice 2017: Best Curl Definers for Natural Hair

Confession: I love gel. Thisssssss is always theeeeeee most difficult, yet straightforward category for me each year. There are a lot of...

Christina's Choice 2017 - 12:26 PM

Christina's Choice 2017: Best Moisturizers & Detanglers for Natural Hair

The antidote to all things dull and dry! Whether you're an LOC natural, LCO gal, nightly moisturizer, or twist-out queen, moisturize...