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Facial Care Routine for Psoriasis and Troubled Skin

Psoriasis is no new topic for the blog, I've written about it a few times -- especially scalp...

Eden BodyWorks - 11:11 PM

Review: Eden BodyWorks Kids Cocoa Shea Berry Natural Smoothing Gel

Before I dive into this review, I want you to promise me something: that you won't judge m...

natural hair community - 2:17 PM

Damage Control: 3 Ways the Natural Hair Community Can Help

Taken from the Natural Hair Brunch Affair in December 2014. L to R:  +Bianca Alexa ,  +Jenelle Bos...

color damage - 1:37 PM

You Asked I Answered: Hair Color Q&A for Natural Hair

Hey guys! I'm really trying to get back into posting more, and just go get things revving ba...

featured - 1:44 PM

Summer Ready: The $5 Wash and Go

Am I the only one in complete and utter disbelief that it's freakin' JUNE already?! Where...

color damage - 10:13 PM

5 Must-Have Products for Color Treated Curly Hair

 It seems like everywhere you look, folks are taking the color plunge! Whether it be to accentuat...

about Christina - 3:33 PM

Where the Heck Has Christina Been?! Behind the Scenes of The Mane Objective

I can't believe it has been so long since I've updated the blog! This is really unlike me...

featured - 8:38 AM

Revert Your Curls After Flat Ironing in 3 Easy Steps

:::knocks gently::: Are y'all still there? Or did you abandon me because I haven't poste...

Be Kekoa - 9:07 AM

Review: Be Kekoa Be Moist Hydrating Conditioner

I'm gonna let you guys in on a little secret: I'm in love with Be Kekoa. No like seriou...

natural hair info - 6:00 AM

3 Vanity Habits Stalling Your Healthy Natural Hair Journey

DISCLAIMER: Before you guys get all angry with me and want to burn me at the stakes, let me sa...



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