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How to Build a Sneaker Collection on a Budget

Adidas | Tubular Shadow | Solid Grey Heyyyyy y'all! I'm long overdue for another Sneakers+Life post. Every time I post or sha...

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Battle of the Co-Washes: My Holy Grail vs. The "Popular" Brand

It's the Battle Royale! This blog post and video has been a few years in the making. Let's not dwell on why it took me so long...

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5 Ways to Increase Moisture in Low Porosity Natural Hair

You see that frizz halo? Yep. Does your hair seem like it's always dry, difficult to moisturize, and always frizzy? Then you've...

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Now Serving: Super Moisturized Curls with HairVeda [Review]

Don't let dry curls get you down this summer! This review has been a looooong time coming. HairVeda is one of those brands that'...

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Self Care with Soultanicals Day 7: Reflections & Redirections

Do you see the SunKissed GLOW on that leg?! Photo Credit: Samuel If there's nothing else I learned from 7 Days of Self Care with Sou...

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Review: I Washed My Hair with Mud & Skipped Deep Conditioning Thanks to Femme Noire

I gotta admit, I'm in love with Femme Noire's packaging. Y'all, I did the unthinkable. You read that title correctly - I c...

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Self Care with Soultanicals Day 6: Detoxing from Social Media

It's Bailey's first appearance on the blog! Yes, she has an IG -  @baileythesheprador  lol  I know this post is a lil' late...