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An Open Letter Apology to Sulfates

There's a perfectly good reason to add shampoo to your regimen.  Dear Sulfates, Over the years, you've been given a bad rep. W...

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How to Style Curly Hair from Winter to Spring with Curl Shoppe Butter'd Up Collection

4th day hair with Butter Styling Gel. Loving the shrinkage and frizz! LA is in an identity crisis right now. In the past few weeks, ...

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Jane Carter Solution NEW Curls to GO! Review (Part 2)

The review breakdown continues on these babies! Alright y'all - welcome back! If you missed part 1 and my breakdown of the Curl Dren...

Black Owned - 9:38 AM

Jane Carter Solution NEW Curls to GO! Review (Part 1)

I found some new favorites in Curls to GO! Hey y'all! So...I've been sitting on a gold mine. About a month or so ago, you sa...

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#30DaysofDope Launching March 1st, 2017! Get Ready!

Let's get ready to be dope together! We're nearly 3 months in to 2017 - how them goals and resolutions looking? If you're ...

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Black n' Curly Challenge Week 2 Update: Better than Good Hair

Wash day was such a dream. I'm a few days late on this post, but just like that - week 2 is in the books! I've been having so m...

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VLOG: Valentine's Date Night GRWM featuring Kurlee Belle

Does this make me look like a fancy YouTuber or what?! Happy Valentine's/Single's Awareness/Manufactured Hallmark Holiday Day, e...

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Black n' Curly Challenge Week 1 Update: Style Victories

Shiny, juicy twists are just the tip of the iceberg. The Black n' Curly challenge is giving me life. In more ways than one. ...