Be Kekoa - 3:38 PM

My Be Kekoa Salon Curly Cut Experience

Yessss, I did it again! I got another haircut y'all! In case you're keeping count (yo...

deep conditioner - 4:12 PM

Can The Mane Choice REALLY Cut Your Wash Day In Half?

If you're no stranger 'round these parts, then you know these four things are the pillars...

#30DaysofDope - 5:35 PM

#30DaysofDope is DONE! Here's What I Learned.

Day 30/30! There's nothing more gratifying than starting something and seeing it through to ...

#30DaysofDope - 8:22 AM

#30DaysofDope Update: Here's What Happened Weeks 2 and 3!

Always give... Y'all. Today is officially the 23rd day of #30DaysofDope. Yes! 23 days do...

black lives matter - 9:05 AM

Brands That Love Black Money... Where You At?!

via Instagram I don't have a lot of words right now, so I'm gonna keep this brief and t...

#30DaysofDope - 5:00 AM

#30DaysofDope Update: Here's What Happened Week 1!

I'm not gonna lie y'all, it's been exactly one week and I don't feel as dope as I...

#30DaysofDope - 8:58 AM

#30DaysofDope : Challenging Myself to Be My Best Self

You ever feel like you were doing just ok? Like, things are good...not great, but good? Comfortab...

deep conditioner - 7:34 PM

8 Steps to Keep Your Natural Curls Hydrated and Moisturized All #SummerSixteen

Serving Aqua Mane, Mango Dip, and Knot Gelatin Day 4 Hair Realness... Oh yeah, and I'm engaged...