max hydration method - 10:07 AM

Life After the Max Hydration Method

Back in early October of 2014, I did an all-encompassing article for Black Girl with Long Hair, summarizing my experience with the Max Hy...

Black Girl with Long Hair - 6:11 PM

I Tried the Max Hydration Method...and I Liked It! (MHM Recap + Day 7 Update)

Article also appears on Black Girl with Long Hair! Back in August, I wrote an article breaking down what exactly the Max Hydration Meth...

max hydration method - 1:03 PM

Max Hydration Method Update: Days 4, 5 and 6

Sometimes, the pictures really do speak for themselves. I can't believe it's almost day 7!!! Currently, I'm on day 6 of the...

max hydration method - 2:30 PM

Max Hydration Method Update: Day 3

100% dry hair -- day 3 of the method, day 1 of this wash and go. As I type this, I am sitting underneath my hooded dryer with Eden BodyW...

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Max Hydration Method Update: Day 2

Day 1 hair on day 2 of the max hydration method. Confused? Keep reading... Although I officially kicked off my max hydration method exp...

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The Max Hydration Method, Day 1 (or is it Day 2?) First Impressions [Part2]

Here's one of the things that isn't really clear to me -- technically this is day 2 of the regimen, but because I didn't co...

max hydration method - 4:39 PM

The Max Hydration Method: Day 1 First Impressions [Part 1]

The "baking soda rinse is running down my face"   It's 11:00pm on Thursday night. As I write this blog post...

Black Girl with Long Hair - 8:48 AM

The Max Hydration Method: Is It for You?

Photo courtesy of As seen on Black Girl with Long Hair! The Max Hydration Method (MHM for short) is, accordin...