Shedding Much? Save Those Strands!

Detangling and hair washing are the two hair practices that lend themselves to the most hair breakage and shedding. However, if done with patience, gentleness, care (and with the proper tools and techniques), you can successfully navigate the two without rinsing half of your hair down the drain. For my current detangling routine, click here.

Recently, I have been reading a lot about different ways to wash hair to reduce tangles, shedding, breakage and knots. Up until now, I just piled my hair atop my head, lathered up and dealt with the consequences thereafter. Not saying there is anything wrong with this method, but boy oh boy have I stumbled upon something even better. Sure, it requires a little more work, but the payoff is tremendous. What is it, you ask? Section washing!

Section washing is exactly what it sounds like -- splitting your hair into sections (depending on length and thickness), and washing each section one at a time. Here's how I did it:

  1. Pre-wash scalp massage with Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil and Castor Oil mix.
  2. Use spray bottle water and my special detangling mix, and detangle hair into 6 sections and braid each section.
  3. Wash each detangled section individually with Everyday Shea Vanilla Mint shampoo, then rinse each section individually. Squeeze out excess water. Note: If your ends unravel easily, you can bobby pin, scrunchie or hold it with your hand as you use your other hand to wash. Also, a good washing technique is to squeeze the shampoo into each braid with your hand, so that it penetrates through the parts of your hair that aren't exposed.
  4. Condition normally (all sections at once) with Aussie Moist + plastic cap for 30 minutes, then rinse. 
  5. Squeeze each braid inside of a towel (or old t-shirt, or paper towels) to soak up excess water. 
  6. Unbraid sections, apply Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie (sparingly), and Tresemme Split Remedy Serum to ends. Let hair air dry about 80% of the way.
  7. Once hair is dry, chunky twist and pin curl. Fasten pin curl with bobby pins.
  8. Sleep on my awesome satin pillowcase! (to continue air drying)
  • I lost NO hair in the washing/conditioning process. None. Not a single strand. Or a piece of a strand. Zero. Zilch. Nada.
  • Despite being braided, my hair and scalp were still clean.
  • Hair is SO much easier to handle being previously detangled.
Bottom line: Why didn't I do this sooner? Section washing, where have you been all my life?!?!?!

Have you section washed? Did you have any success with it, or do you follow normal wash techniques? Happy sudsing!


  1. Could you explain Step 3 a little bit more?
    Do you braid the hair into sections and then you add shampoo to the first braid and then rinse? How do you scrub or massage the scalp when your hair is in braids?

  2. There are actually two things you can do... Some people just undo one braid or twist at a time, wash that small section, condition and rinse, then re-braid it.

    I actually find it works better for me by washing my hair in the braids itself. I work the shampoo or conditioner (if I am co-washing) through the braid by squeezing and massaging it through. I then pour shampoo or conditioner into the palm of one hand, and dip my fingertips in it. Then, I take those fingertips and then massage that section of my scalp with my fingertips. The key is to keep the braid or twist loose enough, so you can still access your scalp. Remember, you don't have to vigorously scrub your scalp with your nails, rubbing with your fingertips is enough. Thanks for asking!

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  4. I would definitely consult with a professional first, but since semi-permanent only coats the outside of the hair, you're probably good to go after a few washes.