Super-Duper Success: Achieving 2nd and 3rd Day Hair

This morning, something happened to me that has never, ever happened to me before in the history of my natural hair journey. I was able to achieve 2nd day hair. To some of ya'll this may not be a big deal. But for me, the notion of putting in work on a twist or braidout, or even bantu knots and rocking a nearly identical look on the days following was a foreign concept..... until today! After a good hair day, the 2nd day aftermath usually results in a bun or updo of some sort. But the game is about to change!

As you all know, I was super in love with the results from my DIY fluffy styling cream and satin braid-out. After I got in last night from my hot date with BF, I sat on the internets looking to some of my favorite bloggers for re-affirmation on preserving braid and twist-outs. Pineapple. Bonnet. Satin pillowcase. Loose braiding. I fear pineappling would disturb the pattern on my heat-damaged hair. Bonnet = smoosh city. Satin pillowcase was a little to liberated for me (I'm a wild sleeper). Loose braiding may pose the same problem as pineappling.

My solution? Tie on my tan satin scarf, let the ends fly free on my satin pillowcase, and call it a night.

This morning, I covered my exposed ends wit a shower cap, and when I was ready to style//walk out the door, I undid my scarf, fluffed out, and bounced. No DIY cream, no misting with water, nothing. Lo and behold, my hair looked pretty darn good. Like almost identical to last night good.

Scarfing, and the results. #somuchwin
Even better than my style lasting, the DIY fluffy styling cream has my hair feeling touchably soft, smooth, fluffy, shiny as all get out, bouncy, and non-greasy.

Heck. Yeah.