Small Changes, Big Rewards

As the weekend approaches, I've taken some time to reflect on some major changes that I've made to positively impact a few key areas in my healthy hair via healthy body journey. Throughout college and into adulthood, I picked up some less than savory habits -- skipping breakfast, eating late at night, not getting enough sleep, constantly drinking coffee, giving into my penchant for anything chocolate, and my dedication to working out was anything but present.

In the past year, I've made strides forward and backslid ferociously in my journey toward a healthier me. As I embark on the halfway mark between 27 and 28, I figure it's high time that I get my act together. This week's epiphany to add another dimension to The Mane Objective is a reflection of that. Based on my history, I know that making too many radical changes to my habits sends me running right back to them. Conversely, not making significant changes leaves me stagnated (and frustrated). What's a gal to do?

I spent a lot of time last weekend reflecting on how this week would be different -- how this week would set me on the path toward making positive changes in my habits and my health overall. I've tried the master cleanse. Gained all that weight back. I've done the no carb thing. Grouchy and fatigued like you wouldn't believe. Made it through the real food/no processed food challenge. Although eye-opening, it is difficult to maintain for those with demanding schedules. I'd like to get back to that one day. I could go on and on about the things that I've tried, but the point now is, what was I going to do differently when Monday rolled around?

Then it hit me. Make small and sustainable changes in a few areas, and once I got a hold of those, add more in. I've seen the 5 weeks to a cleaner diet, and all sorts of timelined suggestions for how to do this or do that with your diet over a period of time. The problem with all that stuff was that I was different. Harder things I may need more time with, and I don't need the added pressure of someone else's timeline for when I need to kick the habit.

What I decided to do was make some small changes in 4 areas:
1. Adopt a healthy habit that I've struggled with over the years [difficult]
2. Remove (or significantly reduce) something detrimental to my health that I love [moderately difficult]
3. Improve one healthy habit that I already engage in, but can be better at [fairly easy]
4. Work out 4-5x a week, sticking to my workout schedule at least 75% of the time [easy] --> #4 is a standing workouts will change/increase in intensity, but this goal will not.

Here are my first set of goals:
1. Adopt eating breakfast. Historically, I've struggled with this. Breakfast for me usually means coffee or nothing until lunch. Since I'm a breakfast newbie, I'm rocking with Green Foods True Vitality Plant Protein Shake (vanilla) mixed with unsweetened vanilla almond milk. It isn't the best tasting (or smelling), but I have noticed a significant difference in my energy, mood, and focus in the morning.

2. Significantly reduce (moving toward complete removal) my consumption of sweets -- candy, cookies, cupcakes (Sprinkles...sad face), etc, etc, etc. So far, I've been doing good. I have my moments of weakness, but the best lesson I learned is to accept your stumble, and counteract it with something positive.

3. Improve my food journaling/calorie counting. As you can see at the top of the blog, I have direct links to some of my fave sites and apps. My Fitness Pal is one of them. In terms of using MFP, I'm a C+/B-. I do really good at tracking food throughout the week, but on the weekend I have selective amnesia. My goal in improving is to be more consistent at tracking my calories over the weekend. This week, I've done great. The true test comes tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday. Want to join me on My Fitness Pal? My username is tinap17.

4. Working out 4-5x a week, sticking to my schedule at least 75% of the time should be a slam dunk for me. As I've indicated before, I have a pretty solid exercise ethic. But alas, weight loss is exercise + nutrition...but I digress. At minimum, I'm working out 4 days a week in the gym doing cardio, weights, P90X, interval training, and more. On top of that, I often take a jog/brisk walk into Westwood some mornings while at work, or go golfing or running at the beach on weekends. Overall, I'm pretty active. If I can keep this up, paired with some nutritional changes, I'll be good.

So, what do you guys think? Are there any small changes you're willing to make to reap some big rewards? Drop me a line and your responses will be featured on The Mane Objective!

P.S. -- As of today, I have dropped 1.4 pounds this week alone. Not a miraculous amount, but just enough to affirm that my changes are working, and give me that extra oomph to keep going. 

Mad that you worked extra hard and only lost a pound? Don't be. This is what a pound of fat looks like #perspective


  1. Your changes are amazing! It's positive and healthy. I am also trying to change myself to become healthier and happier. 1v1 battle