Join The Mane Objective's My Fitness Pal Challenge!!!


Happy Monday Everybody! We are now officially over the Holiday Hump -- no more decadent meals, rich deserts, and booze (at least, you should be all out by now). The kiddies are back in school, and it's back to the grind for you. What better way is there to kick off the new year than with the first ever Mane Objective Challenge?!?!

There are plenty of health and hair related challenges going on right now -- from green smoothies/juicing to pH balancing. If you've tagged along to one of those challenges, great for you! If you feel that those may be too drastic or complicated for your lifestyle, join the club. The Mane Objective's My Fitness Pal Challenge is about simple, sustainable steps that lead to long-term lifestyle changes. After all, time and time again those two components have proven to be instrumental in developing a healthy lifestyle -- whether it be for weight loss, reversing or controlling illnesses, increased energy, longer living, or more. 

For those of you that are unfamiliar, My Fitness Pal is a website and application (available on Android, Apple, Blackberry, and Windows) that allows you to track calories for everything you eat -- whether it be homemade, from a package, or a restaurant. Once you sign up and enter your information, you will be able to choose how much weight you want to lose, gain, or maintain. From there, you will be given a daily calorie (plus fat, sugar, sodium, etc.) goal. You can also track all your workouts as well! My Fitness Pal was an eye opener for me.

My Fitness Pal is super easy and super convenient....and so is The Mane Objective's My Fitness Pal Challenge! Here's how you get started:
  • Visit or your phone's app store and download My Fitness Pal. The app is free!
  • Use your e-mail address or Facebook to sign up. Enter all your information (age, height, weight, goal, etc.) and get your daily calorie goal.
  • Start logging! Use the cool barcode scanner feature for packaged foods, store recipes, and more! You can choose to make your food diary public, or not. Mine is public for greater accountability.
  • Add me on My Fitness Pal -- tinap17 AND visit The Mane Objective Facebook Page. Drop your My Fitness Pal username on The Mane Objective's My Fitness Pal Challenge post.
On February 7th, 2013 (one month from today), there will be a random drawing for an AWESOME PRIZE -- A Healthy Hair, Healthy Body Kit full of my favorite hair, body, and health products! To be eligible for the random drawing, you must:
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