Update: The Mane Objective's My Fitness Pal Challenge is Going STRONG!

We are only three days in, but we are going strong! I am suuuper excited about the Challenge, and I hope you are too! Since we started up on Monday, there have been lots of questions. Before we get too far in, here are some FAQs and answers:

FAQ #1: Can men join The Mane Objective's My Fitness Pal Challenge?
YES!!! All are welcome to participate! Young, old, natural, relaxed, bald, long hair don't care, skinny, thick, in shape, out of shape, male, female, trans, whatever.... I don't care! Everyone is entitled to get healthy!

FAQ #2: How do I sign up for the challenge? Is there a charge?
Signing up for the challenge is FREE, and easy as 1-2-3! 
Step 1: Go to www.myfitnesspal.com or download the My Fitness Pal app in your phone's market or app store (it's free!). Register and create a profike, complete with your fitness goals.
Step 2: "Like" The Mane Objective Facebook page www.facebook.com/themaneobjective and drop your username on one of the Challenge posts. Or, you can add me on My Fitness Pal (tinap17)
Step 3: Complete diary entries for at least 20 days to be eligible for the grand prize giveaway on February 7th.

FAQ #3: What is the grand prize giveaway?
Because the challenge winner could be male or female, some of the specifics are TBD. But, the grand prize giveaway will be a Healthy Hair Healthy Body Kit, chock full of my favorite hair, beauty/body care, and heath/fitness products. Hint: Shea Moisture, Palmers, Trader Joe's, Burt's Bees, and more will be involved! Stay tuned for updates!

FAQ #4: Is it too late to join?
NO!!! The challenge will go strong until February 6th, 2013. It's never too late to take control of your health. But, to be eligible for the GRAND PRIZE GIVEAWAY you must enter the contest on or before Friday, January 18th!

Questions? Hit me on Facebook, MyFitnessPal, Instagram @maneobjevtive, or via email tinapatrice@gmail.com!