Product Review: Q-Redew Hairstyle Vapor Wand

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know I've been raving about my new favorite hair tool: the Q-Redew Hairstyle Vapor Wand. For those of you that don't know, the Q-Redew is a handheld hair steamer invented by founder Heidi Schmid. The Q-Redew has been featured in several major magazines such as Essence, and has won the 2013 Editor's Choice Award at Naturally Curly.

Why is there so much buzz about the Q-Redew? Simple. It works. For transitioners and naturals alike, the Q-Redew is amazingly adept at restoring moisture, detangling, improving hair elasticity, refreshing styles, and so much more.

For more information on the Q-Redew, check out my review on YouTube:

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  1. Ughhhhh, I wish I had saw this sooner because I could just kick myself right now! You have completely and utterly SOLD me on this wonderful gadget! I felt there should've been "Ooohs" and "Ahhhs" as you demonstrated the Q-redew XD and that was also what I felt like doing lol

    I recently bought a cordless heating cap...and the cap couldn't fit all of my head of hair under it (plus, said head is big haha) :C So......I'm going to get this..I've been sold. I'm glad I saw this review :3

    Now.......I wonder if one of my family members is in need of a heating cap >.>

  2. Hello, hello~! I just wanted you to know that I purchased the Q-Redew (after a bit of inner debating, lol) and it was the best thing I've done for my hair since I began transition! If you could've only saw my face when I first used it XD I. LOVE. IT! I never had that hand-in-hair syndrome until I started using this wonderful hair tool, lol!

    So, I'm so glad that I came across this; you did a wonderful job reviewing it and the video certainly impressed me. That and the discount that's been going on for this month X3 I have no regrets buying this tool and I had to come back here and give thanks so THANK YOU! X3

  3. Are you still using your Q-Redew?

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