My Adventures with Mini Twists!

Mini twists, day 3. @soultanicals Curl Blaze Hair Glaze has been holding down my transitioning ends something amazing. My hair hasn't touched perm rod or product since Monday night! #naturalhair #transitioner #naturalhairstyles #protectivestyling #minitwists #Soultanicals
Mini twists: Day 3!

In general, I loathe protective styling.

I hate the idea of having to tuck my hair away into some generally unflattering style (I have a big forehead) for an unspecified amount of time with the hopes of reducing breakage and retaining length. On top of that, I have scalp psoriasis that tends to act up more in the colder months (although judging by the fact that I've been using AC in my car for the past few days, you wouldn't know its November). This means that while most naturals and transitioners have the luxury of cute flat-twist and braided updos, wigs, weaves, and box braids, I have..... to wash my hair every few days. I'm not mad about it - it just is what it is.

In truth, there's always been one style I've wanted to rock - mini twists. I was first exposed to them via Naptural85, and longed for the day that my hair wouldn't unravel when twisted. Surprise, surprise: that day came quicker than I anticipated. Last weekend, I decided that I would venture into mini twist territory for at least a week.

After spending 6 hours twisting my hair into oblivion on Veteran's Day - I'm praying for at least a 2 week return on my investment. We're in day 3, and everything looks pretty good. Let's just hope it stays this way. Here's how I got all twisted up:

1. I started off with a pre-poo and scalp clarifying duo of Suave Professionals Almond and Shea Butter Conditioner and diluted Apple Cider Vinegar. I mixed a 2 to 1 ratio of water and ACV respectively in an applicator bottle, applying it directly to my scalp. While that soaked in, I spritzed my hair with water and loaded up on conditioner to thoroughly finger detangle. After each section (I always do 4 sections) was detangled and twisted, I went back and rubbed my scalp with my fingertips to loosen the psoriasis flakes and apply a little more diluted ACV.

2. After about 20 minutes under a plastic bag with no heat, I took it to the shower and cowashed with Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner. After that, I applied the BEST HENNA TREATMENT I'VE EVER DONE IN MY LIFE (seriously...deets coming soon), and processed that under the dryer with heat for about 30 minutes. I didn't have time for the marathon henna session - but after this round, I won't need to ever! I did an ACV scalp treatment and henna just to be 137% sure my scalp would be plaque free for at least a week and a half while I rocked these twists.

3. After rinsing my henna, I didn't need to deep condition (that's how amazing it was), so I went right in to prepping my hair for styling. In large sections, I sprayed my ACV Spritz, applied Koils By Nature Moisturizing Shealoe Leave-In Conditioner and Soultanicals Fluffalicious Curl Nutricious to nourish and moisturize, and Lia's Naturals Coconut Mango Hair and Body Butter to seal. I then let my hair air dry for about an hour. Once I began twisting my hair, I did not apply any additional product.

Six hours later, I emerged completely exhausted and looking like this:

6 hours later.... finally done! Now to put perm rods on the ends... #minitwists #protectivestyling #naturalhair #transitioner #nexttimeimpayingsomeone

Because I'm still transitioning, my ends are janky and need extra security. To prevent untimely unraveling, I applied some Curl Blaze Hair Glaze to the ends, and rolled them with perm rods:

Alrighty here's the breakdown!

After my prepoo, cowash, and henna (I'll share those soon), I applied my ACV Spritz (it's in earlier posts), @koilsbynature Moisturizing Shealoe Leave-In Conditioner, @soultanicals Fluffalicious Curl Nutritious, and sealed with @lianaturals Coconut Mango Hair & Body Butter.

I let my hair air dry for about an hour. The twists took me 6 hours (woo). I put @soultanicals Curl Blaze Hair Glaze on my ends, and rolled them with perm rods. This makes a world of difference for transitioners! Putting a holding product on the ends that will keep the twists together will make this style last. Curling with perm rods seals the deal.

Lastly, I always make sure to nourish my edges with products to keep them strong, soft, and nourished to prevent thinning. I used Fluffalicious Curl Nutritious as a base, and applied @kyrasheamedleys Rejuvenation Butter Cream on top. Hope this helps!!! #minitwists #protectivestyling #naturalhair #transitioner

And as always, I made sure to nourish my edges. Although this style isn't taxing on the edges, I never take chances. I always nourish my edges with a water-based product, then seal with a butter or cream that has tons of strengthening, stimulating, and protective qualities. For this particular style, I used the Fluffalicious again, and layered some Kyra's Shea Medleys Rejuvenation Butter Cream on top.

Well, after 3 days (photo below) - we seem to be holding up quite well. I do miss my hair though - kinda. I miss playing in products. I yearn to do as wash and go (don't ask me why). But I do love not having to do a single thing to my hair in the morning. The twists are incredibly soft, they feel divinely moisturized, and are idiot-proof: a big deal for me. They're versatile and hardy enough to withstand a haphazard bun and intense gym session, yet professional enough for big meetings. Hopefully, they're hot enough for date night tomorrow ;)

PS: this is how I sleep at night - in a scarf pineapple on a satin pillowcase!

Let's see if the scarf pineapple works for mini twists... Good night!

No, I'm not pretending to be sleep on some "Bae caught me slippin" type ish, lol. I was looking down, so as to not blind myself by the flash of my camera. #dontjudgeme

Well, that's my update! Have any of ya'll ever rocked mini twists? If so, for how long?


  1. The longest I've ever had a set on mini twists was 6 weeks. I washed with my Obia Naturals tea tree shampoo bar, didn't need to condition. I sprayed twice daily w/ my spritz mix of water, tea tree oil, lavender oil, castor oil, and coconut oil. I redid my hairline at the 3 week mark. Another amazing alternate to the shampoo bar while mini twisting that I loved was to do a bentonite clay wash.
    I just reinstalled my mini twists 2 days ago and plan on keeping them another 6 wks. I try to do this style every 3-4 months.