Gone Fishin'...for Content

Hey lovely people! Yall know I love me some IG, but I've got to unplug this week. I'm behind in content that I need to write, videos to edit, and work on christinapatrice.com! I'm no good as a blogger if I don't have new articles, lol!  I'll be updating and doing some more tinkering on the blog, so don't forget to visit often! I promise I'll be back with plenty of reviews, videos, and giveaways! As always, if you have a question you can email me at the addy posted up there 👆. See yall in a bit!!!! 

If you follow me on Instagram, or have liked my Facebook Page, then you've probably already seen the graphic above. As much as I love being connected via social media, I've got to step away -- at least for this week!

There are a few reasons:

1. I found myself aimlessly scrolling when I knew I could spend my time more wisely doing something else - like conversing with loved ones, or drafting articles.

2. I'm looking to be more strategic. There is a lot of strategy involved in successful social media, and while my accounts are personal, they are also linked to this blog. Look forward to a more fine-tuned experience!

3. I need to write! I love engaging everyone on social media, and that can be time consuming. I never want to become like certain bloggers/vloggers who have tens of thousands of followers, and don't reply to a single one of them. That's wack -- no matter how you cut it. But I can't spend all day answering questions, either. I need to make sure my blog is 100% on top of things, and I can't do that by fielding questions every few minutes on IG and Facebook. Don't worry -- I will be answering questions via social media, and engaging everyone that comments. Just don't get mad at me if it's a day or two late :)

4. Unplugging is good from time to time. Refocus. Breathe. Hey, I'm even getting better sleep at night (thus far). 

Of course, I will be doing more updates and info on the blog, so check back often! And as always, you can e-mail me questions at info@maneobjective.com!

Stay Awesome, see ya'll soon!