The Mane Choice Manetabolism Vitamins: 1-Month Update

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Woo-hoo! One bottle down!

For me, that's an accomplishment. I made a firm commitment to take Manetabolism vitamins for 30 days straight, come hell or high water -- and I made it! Mama I made it! I never take my vitamins every day for more than 6 or 7 days, tops. I always somehow or another manage to forget, fall asleep, or plain ol' don't feel like swallowing a bunch of pills. But since I am about that hair growth challenge life right now, I had to woman up and handle business.

I'm definitely one of those people who buys the 7-day vitamin and pill storage thingies from Vitamin Shoppe, uses it for about a week and a half, then leaves it somewhere. That's generally how I fall into the trap of skipping days. Since I knew that wouldn't work for me, I started taking my Manetabolism vitamins at night. I'm sure that goes against conventional wisdom everywhere, but for me it worked. Every night right before I tucked myself under the covers, I took my vitamins. Before I bore you all to death with that stuff, let's get on to the things I've been asked and that folks want to know:

Do Manetabolism Vitamins Work?
While it is still too early to give a definitive answer, I am leaning toward the yes. After all, it has only been 30 days. I consider myself a slightly above average grower, hovering around slightly less or about 3/4 of an inch per month. After 30 days, I can definitely say I've gotten a lot closer to an inch than I would have in a typical month. Although I can't quite substantiate it yet, I do think my hair is getting thicker. The next 30 days will definitely be more telling, so stay tuned!

What's In Them?
I make no claims to be a scientist, but here's a look at the back of the bottle:
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Is Manetabolism Better Than Hairfinity?
That question my dears, I cannot answer for you. While this Manetabolism challenge is going on, there is a Hairfinity challenge right alongside it. I guess we'll see a few months down the line what folks think. Of course, you can always compare supplement labels and draw your own conclusions!

Do They Cause Breakouts?
This is probably the #1 concern of anyone looking to take a hair, nail, and skin vitamin. Biotin can cause breakouts, but they can be curbed with the addition of zinc. In this first 30 days, my skin got no better or worse than it already was. I definitely don't have perfect skin (I need to get back on my oil cleansing), and I generally have some small breakouts near my jaws -- which are in no way related to Manetabolism. Also, I have psoriasis which was in no way impacted by the vitamin. At the end of the day, I can honestly say I saw no discernible impact on my skin.

Did They Give You Energy?
At first, I was concerned that taking my vitamins before bed would keep me up all night. But that certainly was not the case. I typically stay up until around 11pm or so, and found that taking Manetabolism did not impact that bedtime pattern.

Any other Side Effects, Good or Bad?
Displaying 20140215_152807-1.jpgYes, and totally unanticipated! I should have realized these things might happen, but I wasn't thinking. The first thing I noticed growing rapidly and getting stronger is my nails. Historically, I've had stub nails that never really grew because they were paper thin and always broke. But in early February I decided to get my nails done, and within a week I needed to get them done again because they had grown so much. When I was getting my nails done prior to now, I was able to go two, sometimes three weeks without a fill. I literally was at the nail shop three weeks in a row. Two fills, and the last time I just took the darn things off, because my own nails had grown so much and were super strong. I ended up getting a gel manicure with my natural nails, but that was shortlived. I'm a stubby nail kinda gal at heart. I lift weights. I box. I horseplay with my man. I can't do this nail thing. It was fun while it lasted, though! The other side effect I noticed was my eyebrows. These things are growing IN...and fast! For the longest time, my left eyebrow was a #strugglebrow -- not getting anywhere near as thick or filling in like my right. The SHAPES Brow Bar ladies did the best they could, and I used brow powder for the rest. But after a few week of Manetabolism, my brows have come in nicely and they're almost in the same ballpark.

Well, I think that's all! If you have any particular questions about Manetabolism vitamins, drop a comment :)

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  1. Thank you so much I was just talking to myself about how I don't even take my regular vitamins regularly.

  2. Hi! are you still taking the vitamins? and how did they affect your skin and nails? did you break out ?

  3. I took them for over a month and I had to quit. I was feeling many side effects. Apparently it was because of all the silicons and added fillers that are very unhealthy.. Now what I'm using is all-natural and it has no chemicals. It's working pretty good for now

  4. and what's the name of the brand you are using? where did you find them? thanks!

  5. Hi! it's Hair La Vie Check them out My stylist Stephanie recommended it to me, since then I'm OBSESSED! lol Hope it helps to you too!

  6. I absolutely love Manetabolism, they've helped me with my hair journey. I personally didn't see any side effects.

  7. I just started taking my vitimans about a week ago right now I vouldnt take pics and stuff cause I have braids In and I was wondering should I start them while I have braids and I was like why not I just have a protective style so yes they are kind of big but oh well I'm okay with it but I will be taking my hair down April 10th and I'll see my results then and I'll b going to buy are not her bottle and my hair I'll start taking pics of it right after I take these braidsites down I also ordered my kids some of there vitimans they will b here by tomorrow its very had to find the kids vitimans in storea so I went ahead and orderd so about a month well all b taking pics to see the results we have look forward


  9. Do these vitamins make hair grow in places other than you head and eyebrows

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