Product Review: Rapunzel The Future of Hair, Hair Lotion and Hair Silk

Many of us can identify with any number of these pre-natural hair scenarios:
  • Paying around $70 (or more!) every two weeks to have a professional hairdresser wash, condition, and straighten your hair.
  • Visiting said professional regularly, and despite being in their care and following their instructions, never seeing any hair growth past your shoulders.
  • Receiving conflicting or counterintuitive information about how to best care for your hair in their absence.
  • Suffering from dryness, breakage, and stalled growth.
  • Thinking that your hair could never be long and thick.
All of these scenarios and more led Rasheda Stewart to found Rapunzel The Future of Hair in 2010. The Rapunzel brand is committed to dispelling the myth that certain hair types have a limited capacity for growth, and their products are all geared toward healthy hair care and growth. Beyond product offerings, the core of Rapunzel The Future of Hair is education - with the hopes of luring women away from unhealthy hair practices, weaves, extensions, and products that hurt the growth of their own natural, healthy hair.

When I first visited, I wasn't sure if this was a brand I should review because all of the women have straight hair. Gorgeous hair, but straight. But once I began seeing all the rave reviews on social media (seriously, just go on Instagram and search the hashtag #rapunzelthefutureofhair) and looking at pictures of Rasheda's naturally curly mane, I was convinced that I needed Rapunzel in my life. I was all the way thrilled when I received the Hair Lotion and Hair Silk to test drive and review, along with a soooo right-on-time tape measure for my hair. Without further delay, let's jump in to this review!

Click here to find out why the Hair Lotion scored a 4.5 with me, and the Hair Silk a 4.75! Those are pretty awesome on at!