5 Chic and Sophisticated Spring/Summer Hair Trends for 2014

spring summer hair trends 2014

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[to the tune of R. Kelly Seems Like You're Ready]
Temperatures are riiiiiiising,
Your hair is probably yearning.
Forrrrrr a change.....

Let me stop there. There's probably 8,743 different reasons to not cite or quote R. Kelly. But spring is most certainly here, and summer is on the way. Temperatures are warming up! At this time of year, many naturals are coming out of their protective styles, and swapping scarves and coats for sunglasses and short sleeves.

Spring offers an opportunity for a fresh start, and what better way to renew your natural hair than with a new cut or style? These 5 trends are very in, and are absolutely perfect for ladies looking to switch it up without making a drastic change (with the exception of one). They're also great for ladies who rock their natural hair in work environments where bold colors and funky shaved designs might be deemed unprofessional.

Let's jump right in!

1. The Mid-Length Cut

Formerly known as the "awkward in-between phase" of hair growth, it is now chic and popular for Spring and Summer this year. The mid-length cut is perfect for ladies growing out a bob, or for ladies with longer hair looking to switch it up while still having enough hair to ponytail or bun. Mid length cuts fall between neck and collarbone length, and for most naturals with medium or longer length hair, achieving this shape of cut won't require too many inches lost. Pair it with a deep side part or mermaid waves to take this mid-length to the next level of chic!

2. Chin to Collarbone Bob
The bob will always and forever be in style. It is classic, iconic, sophisticated, and chic. But for spring and summer, the bob is getting stepped up and the asymmetrical cut is back! In 2014 it's being called the "Chin to Collarbone Bob", but the idea is still very Salt n Pepa-esque. This look is perfect for shorter hair of all textures, and even locs.With this cut, the deep side part is definitely the way to go!

3. Deep Side Part
The deep side part is back! But did it ever really go anywhere? I live in a side part (seriously), but it's nice to know that something I'm doing is very in season. Rock the deep side part with low ponytails, wash and go's, braidouts, twistouts, bantu knot outs, blowouts, and more. A deep side part can be achieved on any length, texture, or type of hair.

4. Re-Big Chopping
Remember when I said only one of the trends involved a huge change? It's this one. If you follow natural hair bloggers and business owners on social media, you'll see the re-chop trend happening in real time. Whether to donate to locks of love, due to a bad dye job, in the mood for a fresh start, or inspired by their favorite celebs, big chops and TWAs are very in for spring and summer. In fact, two of my favorite people on Instagram have already taken the plunge! Saleemah Cartwright, founder of Hydratherma Naturals (@hydratherma on Instagram) and popular vlogger Teaundra (@teaundra_ on Instagram) both chopped their tresses and have gorgeous new cuts!

5. Mermaid Waves
Not a fan of cutting at all? Enter: mermaid waves. This romantic and ethereal look is perfect for the boardroom, the bar, and while out on the town. No cutting or special skills needed for this one. Just start off with stretched hair (blowout, banded, an old flat iron job, etc.) and grab a little moisturizer and styling foam. Transitioners can rock this style too! Mermaid waves can be achieved by making two flat twists or braids around the head (milkmaid style), or with 4-6 big and loose bantu knots. I achieved these mermaid waves while transitioning, on a blowout with large bantu knots. Of course, you can achieve mermaid waves with a styling wand, but why use extra heat? For more of a visual, watch Alicia James break it down on YouTube. Naptural85 also shows her method with the bigger bantu knots.

Which spring/summer trends are you considering? I'm keeping my side part action, and the mermaid waves may make another appearance!