Beautiful Textures Texture Manageability System: Update (Wash #2 and #3)

beautiful textures texture manageability system

Last time around, I gave you all the details about my first wash after using the Beautiful Textures Texture Manageability System. Click that link back there if you want the full rundown, or read ahead for the Cliff's Notes:
  • I detangled with Aussie Moist, and shampooed twice. Once with Ouidad Superfruit Renewal Clarifying Cream Shampoo, the second time with Lawrence Ray Concepts Complete Cleanse Shampoo. The Ouidad is sulfate-free, and Lawrence Ray Concepts contains SLS. I deep conditioned with Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask
  • My hair was at bout 75% back to normal in terms of texture. Still some texture loosening remained, but nothing too dramatic. What I noticed the most was that my hair its normal volume was somewhat diminished.
Now let's fast forward to wash #2:
beautiful textures texture manageability system
I washed my hair twice again, following the same format as last time. Wash #1 with a sulfate-free shampoo, and wash #2 with something SLS containing. My sulfate-free shampoo of choice was Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Tension Release Hair Wash (review coming soon). Let it just suffice to say for now, that I actually like this shampoo. I followed up again with Lawrence Ray Concepts Complete Cleanse Shampoo. And I conditioned with nothing other than Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask. After this run-through, my hair was at about 90% back. The volume I was missing was returning, but there was definitely still some elongation. Wash #2, day 2 hair is what I rocked this weekend at the KJLH Natural Hair Expo. My hair was definitely still soft and smooth. My wash and go was courtesy of Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Root to Tip Mender as my leave-in, Super Softening Hair Butter for moisture, and tgin Twist and Define Cream for hold. The results were super soft and fluffy on days 1, 2, and 3. Of course, I used my Q-Redew and Camille Rose Naturals Curl Love Moisture Milk to refresh.

Here's some day 1 and 2 hair action:

beautiful textures texture manageability system
beautiful textures texture manageability system

It seems like I'm rushing through wash #2, but that's only because there wasn't much new news to report. Wash #3 is where all the action is at, and what should really satiate the nonbelievers. MY HAIR HAS REVERTED 100%!!!! Not a single heat damaged or TMS-straightened hair in sight. My volume has returned completely. My uncouth shrinkage in the front and crown is back with a vengeance. It's like the Texture Manageability System never happened. The key: always using sulfates. I know using SLS goes against everything we learn as naturals, but in this particular scenario it is the necessary evil. For wash day #3, I detangled my hair with Lawrence Ray Concepts Shake & Go. I then did my two washes, one with tgin Moisture Rich Sulfate Free Shampoo, the other with Long Locks Hair Care Peppermint Candy Shampoo. Honestly, I think the Long Locks is what tipped me back to normalcy. Although it is a good shampoo, it is designed to clarify and strip. And that is exactly what it did. I followed that up with a conditioning using tgin Triple Moisture Replenishing Conditioner, and my hair looked like this after rinsing:

beautiful textures texture manageability system
I got shampoo in my eye...of course.
A shrinkage-induced, fuzzy mess.
And I couldn't be happier.

beautiful textures texture manageability system
Day 2 hair :)
I enjoyed trying the Texture Manageability System, but I'm happy to have my hair back, idiosyncrasies and all. I love the length (although I'm always hungry for more, nom nom nom), I am all about the volume, the mixed types and textures drive me nuts sometimes -- but I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm trying to come up with a schnazzy, culminating thought/feeling about the Texture Manageability System. It wasn't bad, but getting my hair from curly to straight wasn't all rainbows and butterflies either. I think for now, all I'll say is I'm glad I tried it for myself.

Look for more final thoughts in my video (hopefully going live by the end of this week)! If you're curious, this wash and go was set using Lawrence Ray Concepts Shake & Go, Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Super Softening Hair Butter, and Koils By Nature Herbal Soothing Curl Defining Gel. Review on all 3 coming soon!

All things considered...would you #tryTMS?

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