Are Sulfates Harmful? 4 Facts about Sulfates for Natural Hair

are sulfates bad

One of the cornerstones of the Curly Girl Method for natural hair is avoiding shampoos and cleansers that contain sulfates. As a result of the rise in popularity of embracing naturally curly hair, many product manufacturers have responded with shampoos, cowashes, and other cleansers that are labeled as "sulfate free" to meet textured hair demands.

But in truth, many products labeled "sulfate free" contain sulfates still -- just not SLS or ALS, which are the two harshest. There are more gentle sulfates that have been developed, and some SLS containing shampoos even have other ingredients that soften the blow of the sulfates. But are sulfates really that bad for natural hair? Or is there a possibility that the concern around them is a little overblown? Let's explore 4 popular claims and whether they hold any weight:

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