The Difference Between Oils and Serums for Natural Hair

As a product junkie and natural hair blogger, I read tons of ingredient labels. I'm also keen on marketing tactics that cosmetic companies use to hook ladies looking for the perfect tresses. From label fonts and coloring and pixie dust extracts (you know, the ones featured prominently on the front label, but that are actually listed as 28th of 32 ingredients) to peddling promises that can't be delivered, tons of money is spent to connect their products with your wallet. Don't get me wrong, I'm not against marketing products at all. I'm just not a huge fan of watching people be misled, especially when it comes to oils and serums for the hair.

In many drugstores, beauty supply and salon stores, there are serums everywhere that are labeled as oils, and many ladies using them as though they are pure oils. Often times, they're infinitely more expensive than the raw ingredients they tout on the label. To help you safeguard your wallet and get the most out of what you put in your hair, let's dive head first into a quick savvy shopper lesson on oils versus serums on


  1. Thanks for sharing this resources. Indeed oils are totally different from oils as they are pure extract and may not be oils.

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