Don't Want Crunchy Curls? Try These 10 Curl Definers

Wash & go with As I Am Curling Jelly

Repeat after me: crispy curls are not cute curls.

Although I'm typically unbothered by the gel cast left behind by some of the stronger gels we naturalistas love (like EcoStyler), there is something to be said for achieving touchably soft curls on day 1.

With these 10 curl definers, you'll be able to get great definition without stiffness and that "ramen noodle look" everyone despises. Be warned: you'll develop serious hand-in-hair syndrome!

1. Obia Curl Enhancing Custard


I have yet to meet a naturalista who doesn't love Obia's Curl Enhancing Custard. It's thick and multi-purpose, yet dries without leaving hair crisp and crunchy. Enriched with olive, grapeseed, and argan oils, this custard nourishes, moisturizes, and protects while enhancing curls, kinks, and coils. $15,

Fab wash & go...courtesy of Obia Curl Enhancing Custard

2. As I Am Curling Jelly


For a soft hold that won't weigh down finer textures of hair (regardless of type), As I Am Curling Jelly is definitely the way to go. Moisture, definition, and touchably soft hair are definitely on the menu, thanks to aloe vera, beet root, and glycerin. This jelly definitely works best for those who are in low-humidity areas. $22 (16oz jar), Sally Beauty Supply

3. Wonder Curl Curl Control Styling Lotion


In case you haven't read my full-on rave (which you can find here), Wonder Curl's Curl Control Styling Lotion is amazingness in a bottle. It delivers consistent, touchable, frizz-free, crunchless results across the board for all hair types thanks to aloe vera and witch hazel. $14,


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