Is Mineral Oil REALLY That Bad for Natural Hair?

Whether you're newly natural or a textured hair vet, there is one piece of information that continues to propagate across blogs, YouTube videos, books, social media, natural hair product websites, and more:


But why? What's so bad about mineral oil? Let's explore some commonly held beliefs about the taboo ingredient, and whether or not they are rooted in truth.

Rumor #1: Mineral oil is contaminated with carcinogens and other harmful chemicals.
Verdict: FALSE. This is one area where being highly refined is not a bad thing. Whereas with natural oils we look for them to be virgin/unrefined and extracted without eliminating the vitamins and nutritive benefits, mineral oil is highly refined and purified to removed any crude ingredients and toxins. For what it's worth, cosmetic-grade mineral oil processing is regulated by the FDA and other international regulatory agencies. There is no scientific data that supports cosmetic grade mineral oil causes cancer. The rumored link between cancer and mineral oil likely stems from older studies surrounding the impact of aerosolized mineral oil on laboratory animals. Again, this has no bearing on cosmetic-grade mineral oil, which is highly regulated and refined.

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