The Mane Objective: The Max Hydration Method: Is It for You?
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The Max Hydration Method: Is It for You?

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As seen on Black Girl with Long Hair!

The Max Hydration Method (MHM for short) is, according to, "a 5 step regimen that systematically increases moisture levels in the hair until Max Hydration is reached." This method, championed by Black Hair Media Forum VIP Member PinkeCube promises to turn the notion that wash and go's don't work on type 4 hair on its head. In addition to forum posts, and social media accounts dedicated to the Max Hydration Method, PinkeCube has launched a blog where everything about the method can be found --

So what exactly is the Max Hydration Method, how does it work, and are the results for real? Let's explore.

Who is the Max Hydration Method for?
The Max Hydration Method is articulated as being designed for type 4, specifically low porosity 4c natural hair.

What does it do?
PinkeCube, MissDeeKay, and other proponents state that the Max Hydration Method will transform dry, frizzy, undefined hair into coils and curls that clump -- with or without product. Additionally, they claim that once your hair reaches max hydration, many of the issues that plague type 4 hair (dryness, styling, knots, length retention) will cease to occur.

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What products are required, and how long does it take?
The Max Hydration Method initial period lasts for 7 consecutive days. You can stretch your re-wetting/styling to every 2-3 days, but daily is recommended for maximum results. As far as products are concerned, you'll need:
  • Cherry Lola Caramel Treatment
  • Baking Soda Rinse (baking soda + conditioner) or Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Cowashing Conditioner
  • Deep Conditioner
  • Clay Rinse (clay + honey + olive oil + water)
  • Leave-In Conditioner
  • Botanical Gel
Click here for the Cherry Lola Caramel Treatment, Baking Soda Rinse, and Clay Rinse steps and recipe. 

How do you do the Max Hydration Method?

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As mentioned previously, the Max Hydration Method is aimed at being a 7 day cycle, but can be adjusted per time constraints and the needs of your hair. The method goes a little something like this:
  1. Cherry Lola Caramel Treatment or Clarify: First-timers are to complete the Cherry Lola Caramel Treatment on Day 1 instead of clarifying. After the initial treatment, you can do the Cherry Lola Caramel Treatment every 2 weeks, monthly, or however frequently your hair requires. Days 2-7 call for a baking soda or apple cider vinegar rinse every morning, where the ingredients sit on your hair for 15-60 minutes.
  2. Deep Condition Overnight: This step is optional, but recommended to facilitate increased hydration. If you skip the overnight deep conditioning session, simply condition your hair, allow it to sit for 15 minutes or so, then proceed to finger detangle your hair while rinsing it out.
  3. Clay Rinse: After rinsing and detangling, apply your clay mix thoroughly to the hair and allow it to sit for at least 15 minutes.
  4. Leave-in & Curl Definer: After rinsing the clay thoroughly, while hair is still soaking wet (preferably in the shower), the leave-in and curl definer are to be applied section-by-section from root to tip. If portions of your hair begin to dry out, simply re-wet them and move along. The Max Hydration Method allows for LCO layering of products underneath gels, but never LOC because oils are occlusive and will prevent water-based moisturizing products from penetrating and hydrating the hair.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 daily, or every 2-3 days depending upon your hair's needs. After one Cherry Lola Caramel Treatment, the other days call for the baking soda or apple cider vinegar rinse.
Users of the Max Hydration Method are encouraged to use only approved/botanical products throughout this process. Although I am still trying to identify a consolidated list of products, the general idea is sticking as closely to the Curly Girl Method as possible (no sulfates, no cones, etc.). For starters, Miss Dee Kay outlines a list of Max Hydration Method-approved conditioners here.

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 The big question: does the Max Hydration Method actually work?
From a personal standpoint, I don't know. There is a strong possibility that I will experiment with it in the coming weeks, to satisfy my own curiosity. However, there are dozens of ladies on's testimony page offering visual proof of their success with the method. You can also search Instagram for the hashtag #maxhydrationmethod to find ladies who are actively participating in the Max Hydration Challenge. For an incredibly detailed breakdown of someone who has and continues to use the Max Hydration Method, visit Miss Dee Kay's blog. For a more scientific approach/breakdown, check out this post by Jc of The Natural Haven.

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From the sampling of devotees to the Max Hydration Method, the results look incredibly promising. One thing to take into consideration is the amount of time, energy, and product the method requires. It is certainly not for the faint of heart.

Have any of you tried the Max Hydration Method, or will you be trying it? Share your thoughts and results below!

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  1. I can't wait to see your results.
    I'm not 100% natural yet but I'd try it for curiosity's sake. It does seem time consuming to me and I'm not sure my patience would allow me to do it long term.

  2. First off I would like to say... who has time for this? Anyone with a job, child, spouse, or even a hobby is likely too busy/preoccupied for all this daily, weekly, monthly! Secondly I would like to say...I will quit work, give up my child, dumps my man, and stop all hobbies if my hair can look this good! In conclusion, beauty requires work!

  3. I'm so curious with this method, I think my hair has high porosity and I bleached it for highlights and color. Can I follow this method? What do you think?

  4. Yeah.. I'm, with deadhead.. I'm a busy career woman with a side business to maintain.. I'll watch and wait.. Like many natural haircare routines and processes I've seen, this is a bit of a time suck.. While I'm not looking for INSTANT answers, I'm certainly not looking to do something that consumes days, nights, hell weekends like this method does.. **lol**

  5. Karla Melissa GermánJune 2, 2015 at 6:47 AM

    I dont think this is for me, I RARELY wear my hair out, is usually on a french braid, bun, tuck and roll or goddess braid. If Im not doing any WnG this seems like a waste of time. Nonetheless, for someone who is struggling with dry hair and wears her hair out, it might be worth to at least give it a try.

  6. Hello I have a husband, child, job, and dance (artistically) so I know what you mean. I do a similar regime twice a week. What works for me is doing it in steps. I usually do my pre poo (I guess that is what it is called I rarely actually shampoo) portion and let it sit while I cook, or spend time with my hubby or son. I do my wash in the shower or at the sink before my shower and the last portion immediately after getting out the shower. I detangle in my pre poo steps which saves me time after my wash. I get great results like shown in her picture. You just have to find a way to make your regime work for you. Some days I combine my pre poo and deep conditioning step to save time. Sometime I combine my pre poo, oil rinse/hot oil treatment and deep conditioning into one step (it all becomes the pre poo) so as opposed to 5 steps I get the same results in 3 steps and half the time.

  7. I did it, and no I don't have a burden of a family...but I do have a hobby lol. But seriously, the MHM really helped me! I don't have 4c hair, but my hair was extremely porous due to poor hair practices & heat damage. After doing the MHM on & off for several months, my hair actually locks in moisture properly. And now I have a killer wash & go :)

  8. I've been participating in the max hydration challenge with my sister for about a week and a half now and I can tell you that this method works wonders for my mixed texture hair have from 2b to 4d grades in my hair. I have way less breakage already and I can easily untangle fairy knots and tangles. Its alot of work but I'm sure I can find tune this method for my busy mommy lazy natural life style. So far even though I'm a lazy natural I look forward to seeing the results daily and having me time in the bathroom.

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