8 Words That Have a TOTALLY Different Meanings when You Go Natural

At some point, somebody should actually do this. #justsayin

In the naturally curly world, we have a lot of our own lingo--so much so, that that a newbie natural may find herself looking for the Rosetta Stone of the natural hair world. Hopefully, we can help shed some light on a few terms that meant something else before you went natural. Here are 8 common terms, translated naturally curly style:

natural-hair-lingo1. Cones: Not the bright orange construction markers, or even the geometric shape. "Cones" is the abbreviated natural hair lingo for silicones, the styling and conditioning ingredient that many naturals and curly girls tend to avoid. Cones appear to improve the condition of the hair, creating a silky, shiny, lightweight microfilm around hair strands. Cones also help tame frizz, block humidity, and smooth rough cuticles. So why do cones get a bad rep? They can build up and don't always get effectively removed using the gentle cleansers we naturally curly girls lean toward. Ultimately, your decision to use or not use cones is up to you!

2. DC: If you see a naturally curly girl say "DC", you can bet she isn't talking about the Capitol. "DC" means Deep Conditioner -- which in the straight-haired world, means "optional", but for textured ladies is a must. 

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