I'm on Pinterest!

I'm a little late, forgive me.

My sister told me hecka long ago to get a Pinterest account, but it hit her with the swerve. I was just getting in the groove of Instagram, and I figured I didn't need another image-based social media account. Boy oh boy, was I wrong.

Pinterest is EVERYTHING!!!! I've only had an account for 24 hours, but my socks have been completely rocked. I see how easily people can Pin their life away....and if I'm not careful, PJ will have an entirely new meaning in 2015 (Pinterest Junkie instead of Product Junkie). On the bloggy end of things, I'm pinning articles and tips that I think y'all will find useful, organizing them into various boards. There will be special boards dedicated to products, hair series (like Curl Care 101 which launches tomorrow, by the way), transitioning, styles, tutorials, and more! I'll also be stepping my infographic game WAYYYYY up in 2015! It'll be an especially great resource to help those of you who don't feel like scrolling through oodles of articles, or using the menus and search button directly on the blog. You'll also notice that you can also pin articles directly from the blog, by hovering over any of the pictures in an article. VICTORY IS MINE!!!!!!!

Sorry, I got a little overzealous there. I always feel particularly accomplished whenever I can tweak HTML  codes on the back end of my blog by myself. But that's another topic for another time, 

Anywho, back to Pinterest. I'll also be sharing some personal boards,related to random things I find interesting (like cooking, golf, and whatnot). 

So go'n and follow me! I'm @maneobjective or at www.pinterest.com/maneobjective