Christina's Choice 2014: Curl Definers


This list is a loooooooooong time coming. Several of you have asked me over the course of the year what my favorite curl definers were. In truth, I put this list until last because it would be the most difficult to compile. I could easily fill this segment with 12 different curl definers and talk about their holy grail worthiness, but it decided to be a little more disciplined than that. I decide to take an Instagram walk down memory lane, and look at what products I mentioned the most in my posts. Ultimately, that's how I decided what to include as my Holy Grails....with the exception of one product. I'm sure you all saw most of these coming, too.

And remember: just because I didn't mention it doesn't mean it's not goods it just means that these are the creme de la creme for least for 2014. Who knows what 2015 will bring! 😄

Best of the Best

Obia Curl Enhancing Custard
I absolutely could not make a list about curl definers and not include Obia's Curl Enhancing Custard. Although it's a fairly thick gel, it dries incredibly lightweight. The formulation of this stuff is pure magic. Of all the products on this list, Curl Enhancing Custard is one of the few that provides the hair with brilliant shine, and plump juicy, defined curls. It can be a little tricky to pair with moisturizers because of the thickness, but I figured out how to finesse it. Thanks to the pH balanced formulation full of oils like grapeseed and argan, the Curl Enhancing Custard is non-drying and doesn't flake. My favorite way to pair it is with some LRC Shake & Go, and sealed with argan oil. Obia Natural Hair Review

Eco Styler Argan Oil Gel
Speaking of argan oil, I seriously came to appreciate my Eco Styler Gel in 2014. I started out the year with the green jar, but switched to the red argan jar on a whim. Best. Whim. Ever. I think personally that the Argan Oil Eco Styler has better hold and definition than the Olive Oil version. Eco Styler is cheap (you can get a lifetime supply for the amount of a drink at Coffee Bean), and it provides wonderful curl definition and excellent hold. My curls look stringy after applying the gel, but they dry nice and full with body, bounce, and minimal crunch. This gel does have it's limitations, though. If you don't layer the right leave-ins and moisturizers underneath you'll find yourself on a first class flight to crunchville. For me, it works best with As I Am's Leave-In Conditioner and Jamaican Black Castor Oil.

TIGI Catwalk Curls Rock Amplifier
I honestly wrestled with including Curls Rock Amplifier. I know I was nuts about it at the beginning of the year, simply because it has one of the most ridiculous cost to size ratios of every hair product I own. $18 for 5.07oz of product borders on insanity, in my opinion. At least have the decency to give me a full 6oz to make me feel better about myself. Enough with my petty price rant, there are some solid reasons why this curl definer ends up on my HG list. It. Works. Quite well, might I add. I can easily achieve day 4,5 and beyond hair with Curls Rock Amplifier. So maybe that price tag is worth it? While I debate that, know that it really made the list because I found some pink ones at Ulta for $5.99, which means 5.07oz is now acceptable.

Be warned though, it is chock full of synthetic ingredients and can't even come close to being a curly girl associate, let alone friendly. CG Method won't even accept a Facebook friend request from Curls Rock Amplifier. Curls Rock Amplifier Review

TreLuxe Hi! Definition
I know, I know. This one is so new, it probably shouldn't even make the Best of the Best. But I was soooooooooooooo blown away by Hi! Definition that I just had to include it. Not only is the ingredient list stellar, but Hi! Definition lives up to its name by delivering shine, perfectly sculpted curls, virtually no crunch (you'll experience a little if you overuse), and smelling ah-MAY-zing. Plus, they've got this 360 Curl Complex with tomato fruit ferment extract that I'm really excited about, and their philanthropy is on fleek, thanks to their A Natural Fit Initiative. TreLuxe Review

Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker (New Formula)
When I discovered Curl Maker had a new formula, I I had to give it a try. I fell in love with the new formula almost instantly, because it delivered so much more than its predecessor. I could never make the old curl Maker work for me, but this new-new? Amazing. It's snotty in texture, has tons of slip, goes on smooth, provides immaculate shine, and super soft curls. It has enough hold to get 3 days of curl poppage, and does not dry the hair out AT ALL. Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker (New Formula) Review

TGIN Twist and Define Cream
I promise, it's not my goal to put TGIN just happens. I just happen to love Twist and Define. It's like a more respectable and affordable version of Curls Rock Amplifier. It has slightly less hold, but makes my curls pop for 3-4 days. There's not much more I can say before y'all accuse me of being a TGIN brand ambassador so.... TGIN Product Review

Honorable Mentions


Hello Curly Curl Stimulator
There are only two things that really hold Hello Curly's gel back from getting more love. One, the learning curve for this gel is sooooooo steep. Like, take everything you thought you knew about curl definers, and throw it out the window steep. It definitely threw me a curveball, because I sorely underestimated the holding and sculpting power of such an innocuous botanical gel. Even still, the ingredient list, the fact that a tiny bit goes such a long way, and the impeccable amount of slip makes this gel a curl definer not to be skipped. The only other thing holding Curl Stimulator back is the mini drama/unclear direction of the brand. I know there were some issues between Tony Goff and Uncle Funky's Daughter, after Goff and her husband divorced, which led to some murky waters between the new leadership of UFD and Tonya's new brand, Hello Curly. Hello Curly launched, took off, took UFD fans with them, and then nothing. Things got even crazier when there seemed to be a battle between who had the original Curly Magic formula. First UFD changed their formula, leaving Hello Curly as the holders of the OG formulation, then UFD claimed to have the original formula as well. I still don't know what's going on. Tonya was going to shut down the brand, and everrrrrrrrrrybody and their mama seriously cleaned out the stock. There hasn't been a re-stocking since, and the last I heard there was going to be a new brand launching called Sweet Soul Magic that would include the Hello Curly Curl Stimulator. I don't have any details on when that line is coming, but if Sweet Soul Magic launches and the Hello Curly Curl Stimulator inventory gains stability, 2015 better watch out!!!

Miss Jessie's Pillow Soft Curls
I like Pillow Soft Curls, I really do. I love how it give me soft yet defined fluffy curls that are nice and plump, shiny, and smell like Downy fabric softener. Simply put, #curlsonfleek. I especially like that Pillow Soft Curls is free of all the petroleum and mineral oil that most Miss Jessie's products contain. What I'm not a fan of is the price tag. $22 for 8.5oz of un-naturalness is a wee bit out of my price range (why can't it be $14?). The only thing that kept me holding on to Pillow Soft Curls is honestly the Cyber Monday BOGO Free they had online. 2 for $22, I can handle. Now to just make these 2 tubes last until November 2015... Pillow Soft Curls Review

That's it, ladies! My Holy Grails for 2014! What products will 2015 hold? Who knows!

Happy New Year!!!!!

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