New Series Launching New Year's Day 2015! Curl Care 101: The Basics of Healthy Natural Hair

It's almost 2015, and I know many of you are already in the mist of setting personal, professional, and physical goals. Did you throw your natural hair goals in the mix too? Great! So did I! That's really the inspiration behind this new series, amongst other things. I spent much of 2014 being a product junkie (and in 2015 I might tone it down a little...but that's unlikely), experimenting with random methods, coloring my hair twice, cutting it, and of course, using heat. Much of which I did in the name of investigative bloggerism. For me, 2015 is fast becoming the year of no playing games, which means I'm pretty much done doing random things to my hair. Of course, I'll always be on the quest for dope deep conditioners, and amazing curl definers, and maybe a moisturizer or two. But I think I'm pretty much done with color (save for my monthly henna treatments), and I am starting to miss all the hair I cut off (lol). Although my hair is really healthy (you see those curls in the photo -- that's full shrinkage and completely dry curls), I want it to achieve the pinnacle of health. I want my hair to be all it can be.

So, I'm asking you all to join me! No, this isn't some challenge where you need to use hashtags and massage your scalp with unicorn tears 3x/day in order to randomly win a prize. Although, if I do find myself hosting a few giveaways along the way, don't be mad! All I'm asking is that starting January 1st through the end of February (the 27th to be exact) 2015, you tune in here at every Thursday for Curl Care 101. Each week, I'll be breaking down a basic element of healthy natural hair care, recommending products (of course), and sharing how I incorporate that element into my haircare regimen. No crazy gimmicks, no tape measures, no length check t-shirts. Those things will make you go insane, trust me. This is just a good ol' fashioned series that serves as an important reminder: if you are good to your hair, it will show. Which means, it will grow wonderfully, and you'll be able to retain maximum length, if that is your goal. It will also gain fullness, as breakage and shedding are decreased.

Here's a sneak peek into what the 9-week series will look like:

Week 1: Texture and Typing - Getting to Know Your Hair

Week 2: How to Build a Solid Haircare Regimen

Week 3: Proper Detangling and Pre-Poo Care

Week 4: How to Cleanse Your Hair the Right Way

Week 5: EVERYTHING You Need to Know About Deep Conditioning

Week 6: Styling, Curl Definition, and Layering Products Properly

Week 7: Protecting Hair at Night

Week 8: Growth and Length Retention

Week 9: How to Safely Use Heat

If there's something you think is missing, definitely let me know in the comments below! I'll try my absolute best to work it into the curriculum. And of course, I will still be continuing #AskAwayWednesdays, so no worries there! In fact, feel free to ask related questions.

See y'all on Thursday!!!


  1. I seriously cannot wait for this series. I am always looking forward to your email! I definitely need & want to get serious about my hair in 2015. So much so I started the 1st Monday of Dec so I'm 5 weeks into my new plan already!

  2. Thank you!!!! So glad to have you on board <3
    May we all grow healthy hair in 2015!!!

  3. Christina, I'm so glad you're doing this! I've learned so much in the 8 months since my big chop and there is still so much more to learn! I will be tuning in for sure. Can you include trimming (signs of when you need a trim/what split ends look like on natural hair)?

  4. Looks like I found your blog at the perfect time!! I have been transitioning for almost a year and a half. This is my second attempt at going natural and I am learning so much this time around. I am so excited for this series. Thank you!!

  5. Thank you Kayla! I'm excited for you :) Welcome aboard!!!

  6. Hey Jacqueline! I hope you've been well! I most certainly will include info about trimming. Thank you!!!

  7. Hey Christina! I'm doing really. The hubby and I moved to Monterey, California back in August. We're hoping to move to LA this summer. I hope that you're doing well too! I saw that you're also on #BLM. Thanks again for an awesome series :)!