#30DaysofDope Update: Here's What Happened Week 1!

#30DaysofDope Update: Week 1

I'm not gonna lie y'all, it's been exactly one week and I don't feel as dope as I thought I would. I thought I'd be riding some kind of high from this experience, but really it feels more like I'm trying to root myself so this excellence thing can really take hold.

If I had to give myself a grade for last week, it would be a C+ bordering on a B-. I know, neither of those are the A+ I wanted, but a C+ with effort is better than getting an F for not even showing up. Besides, if I had to say I learned one thing last week, it's that excellence is relative. Because we can never truly calculate what each day holds for us, it's important to evaluate excellence in the proper context.

Read up on what #30DaysofDope is all about here! 

For example, excellence on a Tuesday might be waking up at 5:45am, hitting 30 minutes of cardio, spending 30 minutes in prayer and reading the Bible, slaying at work for 8 hours, cooking a dope dinner, and hitting the gym. Excellence on that same Thursday might mean waking up at 7am, spending 20 minutes in prayer, and taking a brisk walk for 20 minutes at the end of the day. In either scenario, all that matters is that you showed up, gave it your best, and pushed yourself beyond what your baser instincts want you to do.

But enough about that - let's chat about how last week went.

Spiritually Dope Update
Spiritually, last week was a good week. By day 2, I was overwhelmed with gratitude and just feeling deeply appreciative for everything. I was literally taken aback by how much God has done for me, and I've made it a point to thank Him for the things I so easily take for granted. Right now I'm using The Power of Being Thankful devotional by Joyce Meyer (on the YouVersion app) to guide my studies and prayer time, but it's only 15 days. Still open to reading recommendations!

#30DaysofDope Update: Here's What Happened Week 1!

Physically Dope Update
Last week got off to a pretty dope start. I killed it in the gym Monday thru Wednesday - and had a dope moment Wednesday where I pushed past that "I don't feel like it" mindset and went hard in the paint. It felt good. It felt right. I want that feeling to kick off tomorrow, too. A few mornings I even got up and did some extra cardio on the elliptical in my home office. Unfortunately, Thursday is where things took a downward turn. I literally worked 11 hours straight (5am to 4pm), and by the time I was done, I was mentally and physically exhausted. So I skipped the gym, knowing that sometimes it's better to rest. I wanted to hit the gym Friday, but after another full work day, I still wasn't back in balance. (Sidebar: tt's crazy how a tough day at work can have a ripple effect all the way around!) So I rested again - and went to the gym Saturday with Samuel after breakfast with my mom and sister.

4 out of 7 days I was in the gym making it happen. Not exactly my goal, but better than what it could have been.

#30DaysofDope Update: Here's What Happened Week 1!

Dope Eating Update
I've definitely been putting my food scale, measuring cups, and spoons to use. It's a pain, but something I'm actively working to train myself to do until I can accurately eyeball measurements and macros. Did I do it every day? Nope - so shame on me. But I'm building out the habit. Excellence is definitely in progress. I did it for like 70% of my meals and snacks last week, which is better than the once or twice a week I was doing before. One cool thing I did find out - remember I mentioned using my Neocell Collagen Sport protein powder to meet my protein goals? THAT is working! I almost threw a party for myself on Monday when, for the first time like ever, I hit my protein goal. So yep, I'm all over that! And taking my vitamins and supplements, too!

There's an open bottle of wine in my fridge, from before I started #30DaysofDope. I thought it would taunt me every evening at dinnertime - but nope! I haven't missed it. If I want flavor with my meal, I drink Arrowhead Sparkling Spring Water (black cherry and raspberry lime are lit!) and maybe twice I had some Trader Joe's Sparkling Lemonade. Other than that, it's water. And my skin is thanking me for it.

So, about this sugar thing. It's going and I'm being excellent...if by excellent we mean I didn't run to Susiecakes for a slice of Vanilla Celebration Cake. The sweet tooth is real, but I'm managing. When I want something sweet, I lean on Enlightened Ice Cream Bars (80-90 calories, low in sugar, high in protein and fiber), and YouFreshNaturals Cookie Dough Muscle Frosting. Baby steps.

Mentally Dope
Last week, I found myself talking to myself more than I have in a while. But not in a "I talk to myself 'cause there is no one to talk to" kinda way (#shoutout to Christoper Williams aka Kareem from the bank in New Jack City) - more like positively reinforcing myself. Like, "Christina, you got this. Keep going. You good, girl. You good. Be !%#$*?& DOPE!" And to be honest, it works. When you believe in yourself, hype yourself up, and talk to yourself like you love yourself, amazing things happen.

#30DaysofDope Update: Here's What Happened Week 1!

And that's just the first step.

Thank you guys for coming along on this journey to personal excellence. If you're just now catching up and you want in - no wories! You can join me now! Visit www.30daysofdope.com and drop your e-mail address. Don't forget to follow my dedicated Instagram @30daysofdope and use the hashtag #30daysofdope!

Til Next Week,

Oh and by the way, if you're looking for an ah-MAY-zing at home detox shot that actually doesn't taste like rubbish, check out my Ginger Wheatgrass Lemon & Cayenne Detox Shot recipe.

And if you wanna be down with #30DaysofDope, click here to read my tips for diving headfirst into the challenge.


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