4 Reasons to Love and #EmbraceTheShrinkage in Natural Hair

4 Reasons to Love and Embrace Shrinkage in Natural Hair
Shrinkage. Multiple textures. Eyebrows in severe need of a threading. I embrace it ALL.
The natural hair community is ever-evolving. 

I've been blogging long enough to see the transition from DIY mixtressing, growth secrets, and obsessive length retention regimens to big hair, bold colors, and of course, the slay.

Sometimes, I feel like the odd woman out - focusing so much of my energy and attention on the health of my hair above creating the perfect Instagram look.

Maybe I'm just being overly cautious, thanks to a hard lesson learned with red curls sans Olaplex. Or maybe I'm just over color period. I'm not, but if I tell myself that I am enough times, I'll eventually believe it. 😂

Either way, with my new curl styling regimen (video dropping soon), combined with a spring trim, I'm seeing more shrinkage than I've ever experienced in my natural life.

But oddly, I got excited instead of panicking.


When styling my wash and go today, I had an epiphany - I've been waiting for this moment. Doing intense protein treatments. Gradually trimming away at color damage. Keeping my hair moisturized. Treating it with care.

I'm finally enjoying the fruits of my labor.

I know, it can be hard to see shrinkage as a blessing. We tend to think of shrinkage as the thorn in our sides, the yin to our curly yang.  Shrinkage causes tangling. Shrinkage hides our true length. Shrinkage won't let us be great. But before you go on a tirade against shrinkage, know that shrinkage is:

1. A Sign of Health
The truth is, shrinkage is one of the best indicators of textured hair health. Although all of our hair will shrink at varying percentages (sometimes even on the same head, like me), the shrinkage, or spring factor means that the structure and integrity of your hair is in tact. It also lets you know that your hair is pH balanced, hydrated internally (aka your cuticles are doing their job), and your ends are healthy. You may dislike your shrinkage, but consider the alternative -- limp stringy curls that have no character. Trust me, I've been there before - and it ain't cute. See:
4 Reasons to Love and Embrace Shrinkage in Natural Hair
That stuff on the left? Color damage. NO fun.
2. Confirmation That Your Regimen is Working
Pause for a moment and travel back with me. Remember those days when you spent so much time and money trying to figure out what products, styles, wash day routines, and methods worked for you?

Pat yourself on the back, because those days are officially behind you.

Whatever regimen you're currently using is working, and shrinkage is the proof. So join me in the here and now and bask in the warm feeling that is knowing you finally hacked this natural hair thing. You're a member of an elite squad now. #blessed

3. Guaranteed to Turn Heads
Shrinkage is like our own little secret. An inside joke, if you will. We know that underneath the drawn up kinks, coils, waves, and curls, there's some serious length. And much like wealth, you don't have to always flaunt or broadcast it to prove it.

But if you get the itch to occasionally blow out or even straighten your natural hair...

4 Reasons to Love and Embrace Shrinkage in Natural Hair
I even shocked myself with how much hair I actually have.

Your mama. Your sister. Your BFF. Your Auntie Junie. Your boss. The cashier who rings you up at Trader Joe's every Tuesday.

Your man.

Seriously - even the people closest to you, that see you every day, will be astounded when your true length is revealed.

It might even be enough to convince Auntie Junie to finally give up the TCB No Lye.

4. What Makes You, You.
Shrinkage is an integral thread of the rich tapestry that makes your hair, your hair. Much like texture, porosity, density, and type, we all experience shrinkage differently. No two heads of natural hair are alike, and that's what makes it beautiful.

4 Reasons to Love and Embrace Shrinkage in Natural Hair
Embracing it ALL.
So embrace the shrinkage - you worked for it. And if you're still transitioning - hang in there. You're gonna make it to the Promised Land!


  1. Ah yes, shrinkage... I'm working to appreciate it even though I'd love some more hang time but it is what it is. My shrinkage has gone from 50% to about 75%.

  2. I love this post! Thank you for inspiring me to embrace my shrinkage! I love your blog.

  3. I agree. When I went natural I admit it was a transition from relaxing and straightening hair, but over the past few years I have learned to embrace the shrinkage bc I too.learned that it was healthy that curls retract once dried. And as mentioned when straightened or blown out that's your time to show length. But as mentioned I don't feel the need to prove to ANYONE my hair length my #1 goal has always been healthy hair. I believe of your hair is healthy the rest will follow.

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