Christina's Choice 2017: Best Shampoos and Co-Washes for Natural Hair

Best Shampoos and Co-Washes for Natural Hair 2017
Meet the Cleansing Class of 2017!

No but like, forreal forreal ready? I'm SO excited about Christina's Choice 2017. Easily, this is my favorite series of the year, but it's also the most difficult.

You guys know by now that I'm a full fledged product junkie. "No buy" is not in my vocabulary. "Sale","BOGO", and "half off" is my love language.

If this is your first time around these parts for Christina's Choice, welcome! I'm glad to have you. My triple OG's already know the deal - but I'm happy to share a few things about how Christina's Choice came to be, and why it's so important for me to do.

Christina’s Choice is my end of the year round-up of the best of THEEEE BEST products that I’ve tried for natural hair during the corresponding calendar year. Holy Grail status, if you will. You can peep my 2014 thru 2016 picks below.

Christina’s Choice isn’t sponsored, and the accolades given can in NO way be bought – companies can’t even send me products for consideration. AIN'T NO OPEN SEASON 'round here! And even if I review products (and really like them) – there’s still no guarantee that they’ll make the cut. 

Just because a product isn’t featured, doesn’t mean it isn’t good or that I didn’t really like it. In fact, there’s going to be some instances where a product I really, really enjoyed didn’t make the cut. Showing you 13 dope deep conditioners undermines the value of the Holy Grail status and gets you no closer to deciding where to spend your hard earned coin.

 It’s literally just me, my stash, and a lot of hard decisions to make. 2017 was definitely my most difficult year to date - hence why it took me so long to drop the series. I kept going back and forth. Pruning my lists by categories. Re-reading my reviews. Re-testing products. Scrolling through all my IG posts.

Y'all, it got real. But I'm now ready and 137% confident that Christina's Choice 2017 will give you thrills, chills, shockers, and steals! You ready?

Without further delay, I present the...

BEST Shampoos and Co-Washes for Natural Hair

Best Shampoos and Co-Washes for Natural Hair 2017
Ladies and gentlemen, the best of the best.
Be Kekoa Be Clean Cleansing Conditioner
We've been doing this song and dance about Be Clean (Bae Clean) since 2015. No new words are needed. In case this is your first time hearing about Be Clean, allow me to re-share my sentiment from 2015 that is absolutely, completely, and totally unchanged:
Come on y'all, seriously? Did you really think I was gonna make this list and not include Bae Clean? Like, forreal? I'm pretty sure I don't even need to type this paragraph for y'all to understand the love that runs deeeeeeeeeeep for Be Clean Cleansing Conditioner. I love this product so much that I re-named it Bae Clean, without permission of course. It's the yin to my yang, the match to my fuse, the filter to my IG, the prime to my Amazon. Bae Clean is quite literally everything to me. When I said Be Kekoa swooped in and switched up the game, I meant it. If you haven't experienced Bae by now, you're trippin. Like seriously, why are you still even reading right now? Go get you some. It's the slippiest, gentle cleansing-est (while still removing buildup), good smellin', scalp invigorating co-wash I've ever used IN MY LIFE.
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Genedor Beauty Super Fruit Antioxidant Shampoo
Genedor Beauty as a whole came out swingin' in 2017 with a super solid line of products. Trust and believe, the Super Fruit Antioxidant Shampoo is not the first Genedor Beauty product you'll see in the Christina's Choice 2017 lineup. Super Fruit is the perfect shampoo in so many ways, but especially for naturalistas who tend to shy away from the suds in favor of co-washing. Super Fruits is creamy, rich, has slip, and rinses leaving your hair feeling clean and conditioned. Basically, it's bomb.

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Habesha Handcrafted Black Soap Herbal Shampoo
Habesha Handcrafted showed up in the late half of 2017 and absolutely stole my heart. This video pretty much sealed the deal for me. The Black Soap Herbal Shampoo shampoo is legit fire. I don't know how Kendra did it, but it has OFF THE CHAIN slip, not to mention a stellar all-natural ingredient list. I did not detangle before using that shampoo. It makes my scalp feel amazing, and doesn't leave my hair stripped. The Black Soap Herbal Shampoo is quite literally one of the BEST shampoos to ever grace my hair and scalp, period.

Inahsi Naturals Soothing Mint Sulfate-Free Clarifying Shampoo
If you live for the minty tingle, then you’re going to absolutely love the Inahsi Naturals Soothing Mint Sulfate-Free ClarifyingShampoo. It’s minty (but not overbearingly so), has a thinner consistency than most clarifying shampoos (which I love), and even has slip (which I love the most)! It’s jam-packed with ingredients great for the curls and scalp – and gets the job done with removing serious product, oil, dirt, and debris. If you're still not clarifying in 2018 (and I hope with all my heart that you are), Inahsi Naturals Soothing Mint Sulfate-Free Clarifying Shampoo is an excellent place to start.

Oujoi Naturals Be Clean Hydrating Co-Wash
Y'all, I'm officially in love with two Be Cleans. Yes, Oujoi Naturals also has a Be Clean, in the form of their Be Clean Hydrating Co-Wash. And it is amazing. Rich, creamy, and full of slip, Be Clean left my curls feeling like they touched the hem of Jesus' garment. Y'all know what I'm talking about. The experience was that real. It's creamy, rich, packed with moisture, and amazing slip. And after rinsing, every problem I had literally melted away. Tangles. Dryness. Rough ends. Student loan debt. Okay, maybe not that last one, but you get my point. Oujoi's Be Clean Hydrating Co-Wash makes for an easy wash day in tropical paradise.

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Deserted Island Pick
Back in 2015, I introduced the "Deserted Island Pick". In each category, I asked myself - "If I had to be stuck on a Deserted Island with just ONE product mentioned here, what would it be?"

This year? It's a newcomer and a SHOCKER.

Since 2015, Bae Clean has reigned supreme in the Deserted Island Pick category. Y’all ready for the biggest upset of the year?! In one of the HARDEST decisions I’ve ever had to make, there’s a newcomer that took the Deserted Island Pick by storm. Y’all ready for this?! Join me in saying congratulations to HABESHA HANDCRAFTED 🙌🏽🎉🤯

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Best Shampoos and Co-Washes for Natural Hair 2017
The BEST of 2017, hands down!
I know. I know.

Talk about unexpected. But trust and believe when I say WELL DESERVED. Habesha Handcrafted's Black Soap Herbal Shampoo hits all the marks - amazing ingredients, stellar slip (and not just for a shampoo, either), and making my hair feel soft, clean, and strong without being stripped or dry. Looking forward to many, many more wash days with Habesha Handcrafted in 2018!

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