6 Deep Conditioners for Serious Fall Moisture and Damage Repair

6 Deep Conditioners for Serious Fall Moisture and Damage Repair

October swept in like a good reminder that even though we don't have actual, dactual, factual seasons, it's always a good idea to revisit my haircare regimen periodically.

I mean, if I'm gonna rotate my sneaker collection, I can at least swap out some of my favorite products to match, right?


For me, fall is all about rebounding from summer. The summer months place a unique set of demands on our strands - from prolonged UV exposure, to chlorine, salt water, and dry heat. From pool parties to scorching sun, summer certainly does a number - and by the time fall rolls around, our tresses are in dire need of some TLC.

Here's why.

It strips hair of its natural oils, and weakens the structural integrity of the hair by disrupting chemical bonds, and damaging the cuticle layer. If left uncorrected, the hair becomes dry, hard, dull, rough, and easily broken.

UV Damage/Exposure
By all means, soak up the sun you melinated queen! Just understand that excessive sun exposure leads to degradation of hair proteins and loss of pigment (melanin). This leads to thinning, weak strands that are unable to protect themselves from the impact of free radicals that damage and age hair prematurely.

6 Deep Conditioners for Serious Fall Moisture and Damage Repair

Dry Air
If you've ever spent 5 minutes in Vegas, then you know what's up here. Dry air is NO kin to our curls. While humidity (moisture) in the air can wreck your style, a severe lack of moisture in the atmosphere can wreck your hair. When the air is dry, it literally sucks the water molecules from your strands - leaving them crispy and crunchy. Trifilin', huh?

Salt Water
I love the beach. I even work across the street from the beach. But what I'm not going to do is make a habit out of soaking my hair in God's saline pool. While there are plenty of "texture sprays" out there with salt in them, prolonged exposure to or immersion in salt water is a no-go for natural hair. You ever eaten a reeeeeally salty meal? You know that dry, puckered feeling you get around your lips? That's basically what happens to your hair with prolonged salt water exposure. It's dehydrated, dull, and more susceptible to breakage. Not to mention, the buildup is nothing nice.

By all means, enjoy everything listed above before S.A.D. forreal forreal sets in. Summer wouldn't have been summer without splashing in the pool or ocean, or taking advantage of extended daylight hours. Even if you've already set your tresses back a few inches with a lil' neglect (hey, we've all been there), it's never too late to turn the corner - and fall is the perfect time.
Your first line of defense is a solid deep conditioner.

Here are six picks to help you easily detangle, rebound against damage, do away with dryness, and fight frizz throughout fall and well into winter:

6 Deep Conditioners for Serious Fall Moisture and Damage Repair
Be Kekoa Be Lola Handcrafted Hydrating Masque
$20 // Be Kekoa Website
First of all, can I just say I've been waiting for a Be Kekoa deep conditioner FOREVAH?! Like, forever-ever! But if Be Lola proves anything, it's that this jar of goodness was well worth the wait.

Packed with pH-balancing aloe vera, hydrating honey, and exclusively sourced kukui nut oil, Be Lola restores lost moisture, protects against damage, and brings hair back into balance. Cold pressed avocado oil, Vitamin E, and rosemary work to nip free-radical damage in the bud while rehydrating and nourishing the scalp.

15-20 minutes is all Be Lola needs to bring your hair back to life. Apply it in sections using your fingers to detangle as you go, or a wide-tooth comb. Process with heat for better penetration, and rinse with cool water to lock the nutrients in.

Be Lola is also incredibly special in the fact that Brandie's (Be Kekoa CEO) mom Lola was very hands-on in the creation of this product - from creation and ingredient selection, to fragrance, and labeling. The Be Lola Handcrafted Hydrating Masque embodies the bond between mother and daughter, while simultaneously healing and uplifting through tumultuous times. A portion of proceeds from each sale goes to support Lola's fight against cancer.

6 Deep Conditioners for Serious Fall Moisture and Damage Repair

EDEN BodyWorks Almond Marshmallow Split End Repair Masque
$12 // Amazon, Eden BodyWorks Website
Hands down, this is the BEST deep conditioner that EDEN has ever dropped. Yes, you can @ me on that one. If you slept on the Almond Marshmallow collection, I suggest you wake up and cop a jar or three, ASAP.

Loaded with nourishing sweet almond oil, softening glycerin, and the restorative power of coconut oil and baobab, the Almond Marshmallow Split End Repair Mask deeply penetrates to rehydrate, strengthen, and shield against damage.

If you've got a little extra time to show your hair some TLC post summer fun, Almond Marshmallow Split End Repair Masque is the move. Curl up with a good book and set your timer for 40 minutes to allow this miracle masque the opportunity to work its magic.

6 Deep Conditioners for Serious Fall Moisture and Damage Repair

Garnier Fructics Smoothing Treat 1 Minute Hair Mask + Avocado Extract
$8 (or less) // Amazon, Target
If this list is starting to feel like I've been keeping a few secrets from you, it's because I have. Truth be told, this is like my 4th or 5th jar of Garnier Fructis Smoothing Treat. And here's why.

This product is truly a triple threat. You can use it as a deep conditioner, a pre-poo treatment/detangler, or leave-in. I've used it every way, and it performs beautifully. Formulated with nourishing go-to ingredients like shea butter, olive oil, sunflower seed oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil, it detangles, moisturizes, and banishes frizz like a charm.

Let it soak in for a quick 1-10 minute restorative session, or apply and wear it as a leave-in before you head outdoors. Either way, this drugstore shelf standard is a winner.

6 Deep Conditioners for Serious Fall Moisture and Damage Repair

Soultanicals 'Fro Despair Vitamin Hair Repair
$16 // Soultanicals Website
While the first four may be new to you, there should be no surprises when it comes to 'Fro Despair. We are in a committed, year-round deep conditioning relationship.

Something like a shot of green juice for your hair, 'Fro Despair is perfect for bringing starved, dried out tresses back from the brink. Fortified with biotin and a blend of supergreens, 'Fro Despair fights and reverses signs of damage and aging while putting a lil' bounce back in your curls. It's a must-do - especially if you've been out in the elements and/or have color treated hair.

Don't forget to read my full review here.

6 Deep Conditioners for Serious Fall Moisture and Damage Repair

tgin Honey Miracle Hair Mask
$17 // Amazon, Target, Sally's
I've been rocking with this deep conditioner since 2013, and I don't ever see that changing. tgin Honey Miracle Hair Mask is like an instant makeover for dry, damaged, or overexposed strands. With an impeccable blend of raw honey, olive oil, jojoba, and aloe, it transforms distressed hair from roots to ends.

It moisturizes thoroughly, providing a decadently nourishing punch while making the hair feel super smooth and shiny. And the slip? Off the chain. I can't get enough of Honey Miracle Hair Mask - From heat damage, to healthy, to color damage, recovery, and the road back - Honey Miracle Hair Mask has seen it all. And performed beautifully in each scenario.

6 Deep Conditioners for Serious Fall Moisture and Damage Repair

Genedor Beauty Moisture Resuscitate Deep Conditioning Treatment
$21 // Amazon, Genedor Beauty Website
The Moisture Resuscitate Deep Conditioning Treatment most certainly lives up to the name. Packed with an amazing assortment of moisturizers and humectants - from aloe vera and honey to Tahitian vanilla and mango butter, this deep treatment hydrates, nourishes, and leaves hair supple and buttery smooth. Not to mention, it's packed with slip - making product distribution and removing tangles easy breezy. Don't believe me? Just watch...the video. Trust me - you're gonna wanna put this one in your rotation ASAP!

Read my interview with Genedor Beauty founder Leketia Bradley here.

It's grow + retain length season, y'all. Let's shampoo regularly, deep condition often, drink water, stay on top of our trims, and make moisture a priority! #wegotthis


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