The Mane Objective: My Adventures With Henna [[Pic Heavy]]

My Adventures With Henna [[Pic Heavy]]

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BAQ Jamila Henna
This post has been a long time coming. Months ago, I attempted a video which was clearly a failure, because this post has no video embedded in it...haha. But if you recall, I have done a few posts here and on BGLH about henna, what it is, and what it does. I can't vouch for all of the rumors of the interwebs, but I can share what henna has meant to me as an avid user:

What Is Henna?
Henna (if 100% lawsonia inermis) is an all-natural plant native to Africa, Southern Asia, and Australia used to dye hair, skin, nails, and fabrics. It temporarily stains the aforementioned a reddish hue. The leaves of the plant are crushed and the dye is released using any number of liquids -- from hot water, to coffee or tea.

How Henna Has Helped Me:
  • Thicken hair/add "weight" -- Every time I do a henna treatment, I notice that my hair appears to be thicker. This is because henna molecules bind to the keratin in the hair, creating plumpness of individual strands. Note that this effect is not permanent.
  • Awesome color -- 100% natural henna will always stain your hair to some degree. Depending on how long you leave it, the ingredients you mix in, and the natural color of your hair, your color will range from deep orange to burgundy or coffee brown. It is almost like a natural cellophane.
  • Shiny, strong hair -- Henna always makes my hair shine. Maybe it's the oils or the conditioner, but it always shines. I also notice less breakage whenever I henna...which is awesome for a transitioner.
  • Psoriasis, be gone! -- To date, henna has been the ONLY thing to keep my scalp psoriasis at bay. I don't know why it works, but if it ain't broke don't fix it...
Now on to the fun part! There are many ways to make a henna mix, and you can tweak yours to work exactly with the ingredients your hair loves. To henna Tina Style, you'll need the following:
  • Jamila Body Art Quality henna (I have Summer 2012 crop)
  • Dabur Vatika Oil (or I use Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil)
  • Aussie Moist (make sure your conditioner is cheapie, has lots of slip, and NO proteins)
  • Hot Water (or Tea...or Coffee...whatever you choose...I'm using Tazo Zen Green Tea with Spearmint & Lemongrass because that's what was in my cabinet)
  • Paprika (optional...just trying it out this time)
  • Plastic mixing bowl with lid
  • Plastic or wooden mixing utensil (I use a plastic knife)
  • Towels
  • Plastic or latex gloves
  • Your favorite deep conditioner (I like to mix Palmer's Coconut Oil Formula Deep Conditioning Protein Pack mixed with Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner)
Got your goodies? Great. Now let's get mixing....

1. Empty henna into plastic bowl. Combine with paprika (optional) and mix dry ingredients together.
2. Dump in a generous amount of Aussie Moist (I don't measure), and stir. It will look somewhat like halfway stirred dough.
3. Add a generous amount of Vatika Oil (about 1/5 or 1/4 of bottle) and continue stirring.

4. Lightly and incrementally add hot liquid to the mix and stir until your henna has the consistency of a batter or yogurt. Don't use too much tea or water -- you'll pay for it dearly when the water drips down your face and neck after you apply to your hair.
5. Cover your bowl with a lid or saran wrap and let it "cure" for at least an hour. You can wrap it in a hot towel or set it somewhere warm to help expedite the process.
Post-cure...more brownish
6. While the henna is curing, detangle, wash, and towel (or t-shirt) dry hair.
7. Put down your towels, and put on your gloves. It's about to get messy!
8. Apply henna to hair in sections. My personal preference is to scoop out with gloved hands, and rub it thoroughly on my hair and scalp (to treat the psoriasis).
9. After hair is completely covered, pile hair on top of head and cover with a Target bag (my preference), plastic cap, and shower cap. Night night!
10. Rinse out with water and more Aussie Moist. I prefer to do this in the shower to expedite the process.
11. Coat hair with deep conditioner as you normally would.
12. Rinse, and go about your normal moisture, sealing, and styling routine!

Do you henna? Send your recipes and pix to and get featured on The Mane Objective!

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  1. Your tips about HOW TO REDUCE HAIR FALL is really useful for me..Thanks for your information. Expecting more info about how to strengthen the hair in your site..........

  2. Glad I could help. And of course, hair strength is got it!

  3. You sleep in the henna all night?

    1. It depends. I don't really want to, but if I'm crunched for time (meaning I can't sit around the house 4-6 hours) I will do it at night and sleep in it.

  4. Your henna article was very helpful. I am so interested in using henna. How often do you have to reapply it?

  5. I also did henna for my psoriasis and it worked like charm for about 2-3 weeks, then it reappears again. PS: Try rubbing bicarbonate of soda on psoriasis for 2 weeks (2 to 3 times a day if possible) and you'll see better results then with henna. It's been 3 months now and my psoriasis still didn't return. Hope this helps.

  6. Will this routine work just as well on a white girls hair? I don't mean anything rude by my question, I'm just desperate for some remedy to my itchy scalp due to scalp psoriasis. If you could comment with a recommendation for the last mentioned step: "moisture, sealing" routine, I would really appreciate it. Anything to help my scalp D-;

  7. I have been wanting to try henna for years but have been scared away from it because the recipes are so long and the process so tedious.Now Im all in and have fiugred out what to do to to celebrate my hair's 4 year transitioning/natural birthday! Thank you Christina!!!

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