Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow...

Last night (after drafting the blog post you probably read this morning), I lounged around with my BF watching our new favorite show -- South Beach Tow. Sidebar: That show is HILARIOUS! A car tow really brings out the ignance in folks... Ok, back to what I was saying. As I watched TV, I began playing with my hair and massaging my scalp. Knowing what I know now about my ends (from my previous post), I began thinking...

Nah, scratch that. I'm not going to sit at this laptop and pretend that this post originated with some long-drawn, deliberately devised plan. I had my hair epiphany last night while watching TV. And I decided that as soon as I got home, I was going to cut it. How, and how much? I didn't know until the time came. But I knew for certain that if my hair was going to reach its full potential, something had to be done -- and sooner rather than later.

The tragedy that had become my ends....
So I cut it. Not a Big Chop (BC), maybe more like an inflated trimming. I took around two inches off of my hair. As I watched the dead, jagged, and lifeless ends fall into a pile, I realized I had totally made the right decision. I touched the pile, and realized the hair was jagged, lifeless, and dry. I can't believe I was trying to hold on to some mess like that! Come on Tina, you know better than that!!! I looked at my hair, section by section and realized that slowly but surely, my thickness and strength was returning. Body increased. Detangling became a dream, and not a nightmare in breakage town. My hair looked fuller, and I got excited. The thickness I had so desperately sought out in my henna adventures (post to come soon) was here all along. I just needed to cut through the crap to be able to see it.

A random sampling
Am I encouraging you to run home and get scissor happy? Absolutely not. That's why I'm not even going to bother posting instructions on trimming your own hair. Go see a professional. My point is this: don't be afraid to let those tired, worn out, uneven, scraggly ends go. You'll be surprised at what your hair can do, if you provide the proper environment for it to thrive.

How did you feel the first time you let some of your damage go?


  1. We will hardly know the story of the future. Maybe our hair is very beautiful, but tomorrow everything will change. Well, just try to nourish your hair as much as possible.